Kate's Favourite Things 2016

Give the gift of Empowerment.  We can help you select a piece of jewellery that will harmonize their frequency. If they’ve already visited our store and registered a wishlist of the pieces they love we can have it wrapped and ready for you to place under the tree. They can also create their Wishlist from selections in the Online Shop. We can check their wishlist for you and help you select the perfect piece.  Give the gift that will make their heart sing.


VitaJuwel ViA


Your personal piece of jewellery for water. It is a modern way to prepare fresh gem water at home and for on the go. VitaJuwel Via comes in 17 gemstone blends. Each gem pod creates a different crystalline structure that actually enhances the taste of the water.  A couple of my favourites are our Signature series Moldavite Via and Rutilated Quartz Via.  These are Kate King Exclusives!     Amethyst  Gemstone Trees amethyst-gemstone-tree

A beautiful addition to your desk or bedside table.  These Amethyst Gemstone Trees are individually handmade and act as an energetic vacuum cleaner. Such a pretty way to connect with the violet ray of spirituality and transformation.     Amethyst Pineapple Geodes am33-amethyst-geode-0-72kg-3

These petite Geodes make a beautiful paperweight.  They energetically cleanse your space and infuse the vibration of the violet ray of spirituality and transformation.  We have a variety of smaller Amethyst geodes some in heart shapes as well.  A unique gift for home or office.         

Crystal Skulls agate-qtz-crystal-skull-1-21lbs

We have a great selection of Crystal Skulls.  The lore is that these skulls connect with our galactic origins and contain the ancient wisdom of Atlantis.  We have an amazing collection and being a skull keeper starts you on a journey of expansion, spiritual growth and connection with our galactic origins.   Incubator Geode

Place your intention into the incubator and use the power of gems to manifest your wishes.  Come into the Calgary Store to see the selection.   

Kate King Jewellery Gift Cards.  If you just can't decide on the perfect gift, give them a Kate King Jewellery Gift Certificate. These can be purchased online for gifting long distance and for use in the Kate King Jewellery Online Shop. Or if you are local, come into the Calgary Store for the Gift Certificate that will apply to In-store shopping.  This includes a complimentary personal Vibrational Analysis by our In-store Vibrational Consultants to select the perfect piece.