How to Raise Your Frequency of Love

Love. The essence of human connection is to give and receive love. This past year has given us the gift of understanding how much we cherish family and loved ones. Being together and expressing our love for one another is so important. 

February is the month we celebrate “Love”. Many of us have beautiful relationships and many crave a meaningful love connection. This is a time we celebrate friendships and the love of our families. Regardless of what type of love we are seeking, romantic love, friendship love, family love, it all starts with self-love. 

Two of our favourite love stones are Parvati Pink Sapphire and Shasta Pink Sapphire. Stones of unconditional love, transmuting negative into positive. Teaching us to love ourselves and others. Excellent stones for enhancing self-confidence and happiness. They are stones that help release past pain, trauma and old belief systems by cleansing the emotional body. They assist in releasing relationships that no longer serve and attract love in all its forms.

Parvati Pink Sapphire

This supercharged stone resonates at a very high frequency.  It resonates with the Intense Violet Pink Ray. This is a ray that connects you to your inner power and makes you feel supercharged.  Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of love and devotion. She embodies over 100 Goddesses. She is a warrior Goddess and is known for her divine strength and nurturing power. She will assist you in stepping into your personal power in a loving, confident way. It activates the heart and crown chakra uniting you with your sacred self and teaching you to love and honour yourself and others. Parvati Pink Sapphire teaches you are divine love, beyond the mind, sacred, you can achieve your sacred destiny.

Shasta Pink Sapphire

The first time I went to Mount Shasta I was excited to experience the spiritual activation. I wore my Pink Sapphire Pendant, it was a medium soft pink. When I came off the mountain the colour had changed to vibrant fuchsia pink. We were all amazed. Combining the Pink Ray of love and the Violet Flame of St. Germain. A stone of unconditional love, transmuting negativity into positive energy. Highly protective and centering, it opens the heart and teaches us to love ourselves and others. Cleanses the emotional body overcoming depression and resentment. Enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, and happiness. Assists us in our ascension process of moving from a human being into a human becoming divine.

Self-love, accepting and honouring who we are, embracing ourselves for what we are, and the blessings we bring to our relationships. If we could see ourselves through the eyes of our soul we would be grateful for the work that we have done, learning and growing through lifetimes of experience. 

If your relationships were not what you wanted, find the golden blessing and give thanks for all the learning of that relationship, forgive and release everything else. If you are looking for the love of your life, imagine they are already here. That is the most powerful way to attract them.

Be loving and respectful of your divine self for that is who you really are. We are living the life we designed for ourselves in perfect harmony for the development of our soul and all the souls we interact with. Living in loving-kindness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. Especially be grateful for all your relationships now and in the future.