How to Keep your Home Vibration at it's Highest Frequency

The Kate King Room Gem Collection

We are committed to empowering you to manage the frequency in your home. We are living, working and educating our children in our homes and there is lots of energy floating around. When we have a challenging day we process the stress in the middle of the living room or the kitchen. Processing is getting the emotion out of our body but where does that energy go? It sits in the middle of the room we processed in and everyone who enters that space feels it. Amethyst and Selenite are energetic vacuums that transform the processed emotion, removing it from our environment. These stones elevate the energy of our home so that it feels energetically clean, nurturing and fresh.
It is so important that we keep our space healthy and nurturing as we move through some of the most challenging times we have ever experienced.

We are the leaders, we need to make sure our energy is clean and loving. Our home’s energy determines how we feel. Geodes (Room Gems) support us in maintaining a clean space and attract the energy we need to be healthy, happy and successful.

Kate’s Top Room Gem Recommendations to Keep your Home in its Highest Frequency  

Purple Amethyst

A stone of Royalty, Amethyst has been used since ancient times in crowns, sceptres,  jewellery and interior decor. Amethyst is a high vibration stone that resonates with the powerful Violet Ray of St. Germaine.  The Violet Ray connects us with Spirit and our higher self.  When large Clusters, Geodes, or Crystals are placed in the home it creates a feeling of protection and support, emanating violet light throughout the space.  These pieces are energetic vacuum cleaners, absorbing negativity and transforming it into positive energy.  This makes it the ideal tool for healing rooms, Doctor’s offices, classrooms, in fact, any location can benefit from the clearing and nurturing benefits of these beautiful beings.  They create a feeling of balance and spiritual connection.  Cleansing your Amethyst Room Gem is as simple as placing a small Selenite anywhere on the stone.  Amethyst is bleached by the sun so it’s important that Amethyst is displayed out of direct sunlight and heat.  If you place it near a light fixture ensure the light bulb is UV Free.

The Violet Ray is extremely important now as it cleanses and transforms negative energy into positive. When I come home I stand in front of my large Amethyst Room Gem and it cleanses my energetic body, vacuuming out all the negative energy-enhancing my ability to be happy and healthy. Emanating the Violet Ray of Saint Germain, Amethyst transmutes negative energy into positive energy and unites you with your soul path. 

Calming, loving beings of light are wonderful for meditation rooms and alters. These pristine Cubic Crystal formations connect us to inter-dimensional energy and the Angelic Realm. Great tools to help you develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. They are especially good for activating prophetic vision and channelling. Apophyllite is an excellent gridding tool. By placing a piece in each of the four directions and one in the centre, you can create a powerful grid in any space. Excellent for clearing and purifying the energy, they empower you to create an angelic oasis and spiritual portal. 

Elestial Quartz

Calming, empowering and protective, these amazing Galactic formations are like inter-dimensional communicators linking us with the other galaxies and consciousness. They are used for downloading information and energy from other realms. They act like crystal radios tuned to the higher dimensions, downloading love, they are an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Excellent for elevating the mood, like the phone call from home when you have been away too long, these specimens elevate the mood and revitalize the mission. Universal Gladiators will love these gifts from “home”.  Excellent for accessing the bliss blueprint of every being.

Selenite is a powerful energetic cleanser. Energy resonates in a turbocharged way that opens and energizes the entire chakra system including all the etheric chakras. It is excellent for clearing blockages in the physical and etheric bodies. The resonance goes through the body like a scanner opening and activating all the chakras and meridians working to dissolve blockages. It assists the body to repair connective tissue, nerves and stimulates physical healing.  People who suffer from migraines remark on how quickly Selenite resolves headaches.  It is cleansed and charged by the sun. You can place the stone in the direct sun whenever you want to energize and clean it. This can be done every 2-3 months. Please do not get your Selenite wet as this will affect the integrity of the stone. You can place your Selenite on a chair and sit on it. Please remember to protect the surface before placing your slab. You can use a cushion over the stone to make it more comfortable to sit on. You can also place it on the floor and put your feet on it.   Place in between your mattress and box spring for use while sleeping.  Elderly and sick pets love sleeping on Selenite. This stone assists by keeping the energy in your home resonating at its highest frequency.  

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, equality, and spiritual teachings. When you look at Lemurian Seed Crystals you will see laddering or barcoding lines on one or more sides of the crystal. This coding is said to contain libraries of sacred wisdom from Lemuria. They offer great insight and opportunity to connect with this ancient knowledge.  Tools of the Goddess and Priestess, help you connect with the highest divine feminine energy and for all their high power they are gentle and loving. They open and activate your entire energetic system, clearing and balancing all the meridians and chakras. Lemurian Seed Crystals are powerful tools for meditation and healing on all levels. 
Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz has a sweet calming energy that is effective in stress relief.  It is an excellent meditation stone that will heighten and support spiritual growth. Excellent for healing auric holes and tears, they are a must if you are dealing with any challenges with anxiety, stress, depression, or emotional disturbances.  They open, activate and balance all the chakras especially the heart, third eye, and crown. They calm the emotions and impart a feeling of balance and harmony.
If you are stressed, overwhelmed, and want to consciously manage your environment, Room Gems will enhance your space and strengthen your ability to be resilient, healthy and happy. Cleanse your space and bring in the frequency of harmony, success, happiness and anti-stress. We are committed to helping you understand the best tool for your journey and help you select the best stone.  Visit us at our Annex location and we’re more than happy to help you select your Room Gem.

Singing Bowls

Another excellent vibrational tool is Singing Bowls. Singing Bowls are used for sound healing and are a fantastic tool for healing practitioners. 

Kate King Jewellery is an exclusive retailer of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls a premium quality collection

Crystal Tones Singing Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant. They are made ONLY with pure quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24 karat gold, silver and platinum. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation.
We invite you to experience the healing resonance of these singing bowls in our Calgary locations at both Kate King Jewellery and our adjacent Annex.