High Priestess Mystic Quartz-Stone of Feminine Power

Last month marked the 2nd Mercury Retrograde of 2019. Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This phenomenon occurs when the planet Mercury temporarily appears to reverse its course and move backward through the zodiac. Mercury is associated with communication, travel, and technology so when the retrograde period kicks in miscommunication, misunderstanding, travel delays, and technology glitches are more likely. July 31 marks the last day of Mercury Retrograde. There is a period after the retrograde when we may still feel the effects of the shadow period for up to two weeks.

This is an opportune time to reflect on outmoded patterns that need to be cleared. This is an amazing time to have a look at how we want to move forward in our lives and what needs to be cleared. To activate optimism, focus and drive and move forward with confidence to create our highest outcome for the future.

The High Priestess Mystic Quartz

High Priestess Diamond with Bamboo bale

This collection supports us by clearing and activating our heart chakra and encouraging us to believe in ourselves. Combining the Pink Ray of love and Golden Ray of success, this stone resonates an empowering frequency that opens the heart and fills the soul with confidence and a sense of optimism. When we combine these two rays it unites the heart and solar plexus chakras unifying the heart’s desire with the drive to create success.

Embrace Self Love

Part of the human experience is living life through the emotions. We all know the double-edged ups and downs of the emotional journey. The High Priestess takes us into our highest emotions enhancing our ability to step into grace and loving-kindness even when the shadow emotions are active.

Set up for Success

The Golden Ray activates Jupiter and the Sun. Jupiter is the lucky planet that enhances health, wealth, and happiness. When we activate Jupiter we are activating our most auspicious outcome in all aspects. When we are living in our highest emotions we send out signals to the universe and our guides that we want more of the good stuff and we attract what we focus on.
We know that wearing a vibrational gemstone affects our frequency. The human body is over 70 percent water, so when we place a vibrational gemstone on the body, the body naturally syncs up with the frequency of the stone to change our vibration. Each emotion is associated with a frequency. Happiness is a higher vibration than depression so by matching the frequency of the state we want to experience we naturally step into that emotion.

Step into your feminine power with the High Priestess Mystic Quartz, open your heart and believe in yourself. Resonate optimism, motivation, confidence and personal power. Be all that you can be.