Focus to Achieve

We all lead busy lives and people today are multitasking more than ever.  In an interesting study by Dr.Theo Compernolle, a Belgian physician with over 30 years of experience in neurology, reveals how brain function can improve productivity and your quality of life. Most people believe multitasking increases productivity, what Dr.Compernolle found was that the brain can only think about one thing at a time and therefore cannot multitask.  Multitasking requires your brain to stop, refocus and then complete the new task before refocusing again to continue with the original project.  This slows productivity and can affect the quality of your work. When I studied the different frequencies I found that some people with high vibrational signatures had difficulty with focus.  They are easily distracted and often find themselves juggling many tasks hoping to complete some of them. They reach for traditional “grounding gemstones” like Smoky Quartz and Agate. These stones and can cause anxiety as they vibrate too low for most of these high frequency people.   In a quest to provide an excellent tool for focus we developed  the Midnight Mystic Quartz Collection.

These gemstones are ideal to maintain a high frequency in the physical body while remaining grounded and focused. It can be worn by anyone as it does not reduce the frequency of the wearer.  It is an excellent vibrational tool for creating focus and organization in our lives. This collection resonates two Rays.

The Platinum Ray, the master healing Ray that plugs you into your soul essence, allowing you to connect with your soul purpose and the Midnight Ray that grounds and activates connection with your earth star chakra, centering you and connecting with Mother Earth.
Focus and achieve excellent results with these beautiful tools of light. In Love and Light, Kate  

  1. Dr Theo Compernolle. Author of “Brain Chains: Discover Your Brain to Unleash Its Full Potential in a Hyperconnected Multitasking World."