Earth-Grown vs Lab-Grown gemstones-How do they compare?

“Everything in life is vibration” - Albert Einstein.

When we talk about frequency and vibration, we are also talking about resonance and how absolutely everything in the universe is vibrating. When I first decided to create a collection of gemstone jewellery, I wanted high frequency, high vibrational gemstones. This led me to create earth-grown and lab-grown jewellery that is hand picked by myself in order to obtain the highest vibrational stones. Atom Energy

The challenge with Earth-Grown Gemstones is how they are treated

According to the Gemological Institute of America, 95% of all earth-grown gem material in the world is treated. This is important to note, through my extensive research I found that certain treatments can change the crystalline lattice of the stone, which is the network of formations within the stone that creates the beautiful vibrational tool.  Many stones are irradiated, bleached or dyed in order to look pristine and appealing. For example, all of Earth-Grown Blue Topaz in the world is irradiated, meaning that it is bombarded with gamma radiation and this changes the colour of the stone from white to a beautiful blue. This process may result in a stunning gemstone, but it completely kills the frequency of the stone.

Our Gaia Collection only uses Earth-grown gemstones which were selected for their vibrational ability

I have travelled extensively to ensure that my gem cutters source the highest quality of stones. I pay attention that all of the stones in the collection are harvested in a conscious way that honours the frequency of the gemstone. The stones are not blasted out but rather hand cut in order to respect the stone so it remains resonating at its highest frequency. I go through an extensive interview process with each gem dealer in order to find out how the stone is harvested. I make a conscious effort to make connections with these people so I know about the stone from the time the stones were harvested from the earth to the time they are ready for purchase. I do my best to have a relationship with gem dealers who honour the earth-grown stones in the same way that I do.

The power of Lab-Grown Gemstones

I am a third generation kinesthetic vibrational reader. One of the gifts that I have is when I see gem material or hold it in my hand, I feel the frequency of the stone.  I get a physical reaction from that stone that I can feel throughout my body. One of the first times that I was working with a gem cutter, I held the stones and none of them were vibrating. When I asked how the stones had been treated, they all had been irradiated, bleached or dyed with all of the inclusions within the gem material blasted out. As I was seeking stones with vibrational energy, I asked what else they had and was introduced to a selection of amazing lab-grown gemstones. Lab-grown gemstones are bioidentical to earth-grown gemstones as they have the same crystalline structure, chemical composition, hardness, luster and colour. These components make lab-grown gemstones identical to earth-grown gemstones in every way, which makes the vibrational resonance identical as well. 

The identical chemicals that are formed in the earth are introduced in the lab, which gives birth to vibrational gemstones that have no inclusions to slow down the vibration or kill it. The very highest grade of earth-grown Yellow Sapphire is often believed to have been lab-grown because the only difference in the material is the inclusions found within the earth-grown stone. We often utilize lab-grown material when we are dealing with the most expensive gem material that has limited availability. As lab-grown stones vibrate at a very high resonance, they can be used in computers, lasers and watches to empower them. Lab-grown stones have become valuable and this gave birth to our lab-grown gemstone collection that is pristine, powerful and resonating at a high frequency.