Danburite Stone of the Angels

Described as the “Stone of the Angels”, the vibration of this etheric crystal connects with the Angelic Realm, Spirit and your higher self. This high-frequency gemstone is one of the most powerful tools for connecting with the sacred energy of the Divine. 

In these times it is important to maintain loving-kindness and hope so connecting with your higher self is one of the most empowering things we can do. In the spirit world, there is only love and harmony, everything is seen to serve, even when we don’t understand what is happening. The human mind wants to make sense of things and when it doesn’t make sense it can spiral our emotions into the lower frequencies. 
Our frequency is contagious! This is why it is so very important to manage our state so we can help our family, friends and community manage theirs too. Danburite wraps you in the softest energy and resonates with one of the highest frequencies of all the gems in the mineral kingdom. It opens and activates the heart and higher heart filling you with love and a feeling of bliss. This stone wraps you in the loving vibration of spirit, soothes the emotions, calms stress, releases worry and all the lower emotions.
Connect with your sacred Guides and Angels to resonate the frequency of love, harmony, empathy, and patience.

Grief & Healing 

Broken Heart syndrome is well known in cardiac medicine. It happens when the heart chakra is overwhelmed with the loss of a loved one. It is so important to keep the heart open and flowing. Danburite supports the heart and brings a deep sense of peace and connection that relieves grief. It activates a centering that assists in regaining a sense of stability and connection with our loved ones on the other side. They can’t connect with us when we are in deep grief. It is known that when our soul returns home it resonates at a much higher vibration. As with all the lower emotions, grief causes our frequency to drop to very low levels so communication is easier for them when we maintain a high vibration.


Danburite activates the higher chakras to the etheric 14th chakra opening an energetic pathway for connecting with the highest realms. It clears and activates the crown chakra, integrating it with the heart. Aside from clearing the crown and third eye chakras, Danburite works wonders with congestion in the heart chakra. Its gentle energies remove blockages and help the healing process to begin. Star Children tend to take responsibility for everything. When there is conflict or challenges with other people they tend to store that energy in the heart chakra. It is thought that this is one of the reasons we have challenges with heart, breasts and lungs. Keeping the heart open with Danburite is one way we can assist the body to stay vital and healthy.


Using this beautiful crystal in meditation may take you to a higher state of consciousness where you may make contact with your spirit guides and access their teaching. Using it in this way may release anxiety and assist with emotional healing.

Bridging the Spiritual & Physical Worlds

The extremely potent energy that resonates with Danburite can be used to connect with higher dimensions and beings. It links the physical and spiritual worlds together, empowering you to access and understand higher knowledge. It supports communication with your spirit guides through visions and dreamwork while connecting with your higher self to help you understand your highest path and support you as you move forward in a new direction with confidence and ease.