Choose Your Stone Change Your State

December is upon us and we hope it finds you empowered and living in your highest vibration. The Holidays will look much different for most of us but we hope you are able to enjoy some downtime to connect with friends and family.  We are so pleased that we have been able to meet with so many over the past months virtually, allowing us to build our community of  high frequency Lightworkers empowered by Vibrational Gemstones.

Wearing high vibrational gemstones allows us to use them as a Tool so that we can quite effortlessly move out of negative emotions into love, kindness and respect. It is tempting to fall victim to common feelings of frustration, anxiety and fear in our current circumstances.  Many feel the pressure and stress of these challenging times but when we use our Vibrational tools to align ourselves in grace, joy and love we are able to uplift and elevate the grid of humanity. The more we do this together we are collectively able to raise the frequency among us all.  

We are excited that our holiday promotions have allowed many to build their Toolkits with Vibrational Gemstones. Adding these Vibrational Gemstones to your Toolkit will support you in keeping your frequency high and direct us back to a state of peace, love and gratitude when we find ourselves reacting with the lower emotions.

In challenging situations remind yourself "Choose your Stone, Change your State"

Atlantean Spinel
A stone of love and harmony. It wraps the wearer in the Turquoise Ray of joy and tranquillity. A balm to the emotional body assists in understanding the soul path.

Amethyst Hydro Quartz
This stone resonates a powerful vibration for Light Workers and spiritual seekers. One of the Pillars of Light stones, it provides excellent protective aspects, breaking negative attachments and cording. Excellent stone for healers and Light Worker treatment rooms assists in breaking up negative energy when it is cleared.

Blue Topaz Simulant
A stone of communication, Blue Topaz activates and opens the throat and third eye chakras. Excellent to assist in speaking your truth in a calm, kind manner. It has bubbly effervescent energy that builds confidence and joy in the vibration.

Destiny Mystic Quartz
This stone connects us with our spiritual path, Guides and Angels. Excellent for breaking old patterning. It creates an energetic shield and transmutes negativity.

High Priestess Mystic Quartz
This stone resonates with an empowering frequency that opens the heart and fills the soul with optimism, focus, and drive. It has a wonderful frequency that enhances your ability to open your heart and believe in yourself. It is motivating and creates an optimistic, joyful drive towards your soul path.
Nirvana Mystic Quartz
The powerful Magenta Ray and the Green Ray combine to create a Stone of Oneness. It vibrates to the heart chakra enhancing healing, forgiveness, love and growth. Attunes the heart and promotes vitality, harmony and bliss.

Rainbow Mystic Quartz
Activates the Rainbow Light Body, our spiritual vehicle. It assists in moving through challenges more quickly and going from stress into joy. It keeps you grounded, centered and energized. Balances the emotions.

Shakti Mystic Quartz
This powerful stone is a vehicle for mastery of divine love, peace and brotherhood. It intensely opens the heart and replaces anger with love. It assists in freeing you from the pain of your past, enhancing tranquillity, grace and spiritual healing and completes this transition by transmuting negativity.

Tranquillity Mystic Quartz
This stone is excellent for removing stress and negativity. It bathes the emotions in relaxing and joyful energy. It activates success, joy, health and financial abundance.

Vitality Mystic Quartz
This stone is excellent for enhancing vitality, health, joy and physical strength. The green-ray activates and strengthens the heart. Use to revitalize physical energy. It carries a frequency of self-confidence, playfulness and growth.
We are grateful for our community of Lightbearers, keeping your frequency and vibration high for the good of all. We wish you good health and joy for the coming holiday season.