Celebrating the Water Element-Cancer

CANCER June 21-July 22, The Water Element

Cancer Elements are kind, persuasive and loyal. Highly imaginative and tenacious they enjoy relaxing near or in water.  The great councillors, people are naturally drawn to them for advice and direction. They are compassionate, peace loving and crave serenity.

As a Water Element, Cancers are the great nurturers and like to take care of people, and often look out for their co-workers. They love all things that involve being home and surrounded by family. They are nurturing and patient and make excellent parents. They enjoy helping loved ones and being with family.  They love their home and naturally create a serene and harmonious environment, they prefer to avoid conflict.  Cancerians have an excellent memory, particularly for emotionally charged events, which they can recall in detail for years afterwards.  

Blue Green Spinel is the perfect stone for intensively clearing past trauma, removing stress and negative emotion. Waters tend to be empathic and will absorb the emotions of others, having to process them as if they were their own.  

The centerpiece of the Water Toolkit begins with the Angel Aura Collection.  It wraps them in the loving vibration of the Angelic Realm, activating a high frequency shield that enhances peace, love and harmony.
One of Cancer’s greatest strengths their love of serenity.  They will avoid conflict and are excellent at creating an environment of harmony and tolerance.  They will are compassionate and will encourage others to be kind and loving.

Our Amethyst Room Gem Collection is perfect for absorbing negative energy transforming it into happiness.