Atlantean Spinel-Stone of Love & Harmony

Spinel is a stunning vibrant stone found in all the colours of the Rainbow from turquoise to fuchsia pink. It is a stone that stimulates the senses and activates confidence, joy, and vibrancy in the energetic field.


Primarily mined in Asia and Madagascar it is expensive and not commonly used in the jewellery industry. High-grade Spinels are rarely found in the large sizes required for Vibrational use.  Generally, earth- grown Spinel are small stones. The cost is based on the clarity and saturation of colour. The higher the quality the stronger the vibration. A flawless high grade earth-grown 10 Carat Spinel could cost tens of thousands of dollars, limiting access to this beautiful powerhouse.

When I was designing my first collection many years ago, I remember the cutter showing me all their earth-grown gem material. Most of the gemstones were dead. As a Vibrational Kinesthetic, I feel the vibration of stones and when I inquired why the stones were not vibrating, the cutter described the treatments that were done on the stones to make them more beautiful. When I explained to him that the frequency of the gems was of utmost importance and they had to be alive, he brought me lab-grown bio-identical stones.
I will never forget the energy of these stones. Beautiful and alive.
Using lab-grown stones ensures that gems that have become rare in nature are not lost. As we are becoming more conscious of the impact mining has on our earth. Lab-grown stones are considered to be ethical and have a less negative impact on our environment than their earth-grown cousins. In a quest to create powerful vibrational jewellery when earth-grown gemstones are not available due to extinction, chemical treatment, irradiation or other treatments that decrease the frequency of stones, we use lab-grown stones.

In 1902, the French chemist Auguste Verneuil developed a process for producing lab-grown crystals. These stones are identical to earth-grown stones, except they can be grown without the flaws found in earth-grown stones. In fact, high grade flawless earth-grown stones are often thought to be lab-grown as the inclusions are the only difference between the earth-grown and lab-grown material. Sophisticated lab tests can often take weeks to confirm if the stone is earth-grown or lab-grown.

Lab-grown Spinel, Sapphires, Alexandrite Chrysoberyl, Rubellite Tourmaline, and Hydrothermal Quartz are identical to the earth-grown stones in every way. They have the same chemical composition, crystalline structure, texture, hardness, color, light refraction, and luster. Energetically the frequency of the stone is higher because there are no inclusions inside to slow the spin of the molecules. The only difference is where the stone is grown.
Lab-grown stones offer us the opportunity to use powerful, large, stunning stones that have been mined out in nature or are so expensive that most of us would never have the opportunity to see, let alone own stones of any size and quality.
Atlantean Spinel is what I call a cornerstone piece in your toolkit. It is such powerful support for the physical body. It’s a stone that goes through the body like a scanner looking for energetic blocks. When it encounters one it works to dissolve the block so the energy can flow easily revitalizing the physical and etheric bodies. A stone of revitalization and victory. Spinel is excellent support as it re-energizes all levels of your being. Spinel has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Many of our clients have remarked on the euphoric energy it brings to their life, infusing hope and optimism.

Emotional & Spiritual Energy

Atlantean Spinel is a stone of personal power and victory, it resonates “Heaven on Earth.” It wraps the wearer in the Turquoise Ray of happiness and revitalization. A balm to the emotional body, it assists in understanding the soul path. Atlantean Spinel opens and activates all the chakras and meridians expanding the aura and flooding the body with fluid energy. Excellent for any type of recovery, it cleanses the emotional body removing fear and doubt. Assists in stepping into personal power in a loving way. Energizes and tunes the physical, etheric and astral bodies. Activates the psychic senses enhancing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Physical Energy

Atlantean Spinel tunes the physical body adding a sense of euphoria that brings happiness to daily life. Excellent support for the emotional body, it resonates a frequency that supports one in overcoming trauma, depression, and anxiety by removing trauma imprints. A stone that resonates the frequency of personal confidence and joy, motivating one in moving forward in their life. Truly a remarkable stone to support you in all aspects of your life.
PSpinAtlRec30x20W $950
Wear your Atlantean Spinel when you want to engage bubbly, dynamic energy. Feel revitalized, confident and outgoing with the beautiful stone. Conquer self-doubt and step into your best self.  It will help you to look on the sunny side and remind you of your soul purpose.