Angel Aura Mystic Quartz-Stones of the Month

Love and harmony are the names of the game in these times. By infusing the vibration of peace, serenity, love, and harmony, we elevate our frequency, allowing us to engage our lives with greater patience and happiness.

Angel Aura Mystic Quartz emanates the Opalescent Ray. This is the ray that connects us with the Angelic Realm. These soothing stones wrap the wearer in the love of the Angels. They provide a powerful shield of light protecting and nurturing all that engage this beautiful stone. Angel Aura Mystic Quartz powerfully activates all the chakras, clears the auric field and removes cords from relationships that no longer serve.

They are stones of love, peace, harmony, confidence and grace. They activate loving-kindness for oneself and others. This stone is a cornerstone piece in everyone’s Toolkit especially in the current global climate when peace and harmony are challenged. They dissolve the lower emotions providing a shield of light.

High-quality earth-grown Quartz is fused with precious metals, oxides and titanium in a green process. This treatment is permanent and combines the power of Quartz with the amplifying properties of precious metals. Mystic Quartz activates the entire chakra system. As our Earth and its people move to a higher frequency these crystalline powerhouses assist us in raising our vibration, moving away from the lower signatures that cause us to slip into negative emotions. These energetic dynamos resonate with the colors of the rainbow, filling the body with vitality and joy. Access vital life force energy and increase harmony and balance. In the time of Atlantis, they used gemstones coated with precious metals to supercharge the gemstones.

The Angel Aura Collection has three foundational Gemstones that anchor the energy

Angel Aura Amour Mystic Quartz

Combining the Opalescence of Angel Aura Quartz with the Pink Ray of love. It fills the soul with love, peace, serenity and confidence.  This stone assists us in seeing life through the eyes of the soul. Powerfully supports, opens and heals the heart chakra activating self-love, forgiveness, and emotional support. An excellent stone for anyone that needs assistance with matters of the heart and relationships.

Angel Aura Sovereignty Mystic Quartz

Born of the light this stone emanates the Golden Ray of the Sun and Jupiter enhancing personal power, success, abundance, and confidence; with the Platinum Ray of the Moon and the Universe enhancing the connection with the highest frequencies of healing, ascension and nobility of your soul. This stone enhances the feeling of personal sovereignty. It assists in feeling wise and centered in the knowledge that all will be well. We are moving into the Golden Age and this stone will support your frequency at the highest vibrational levels to move from stress into happiness and personal empowerment.

Angel Aura Euphoria Mystic Quartz

Connecting with Archangel Raphael, this stone resonates the Green Ray of healing and wellness.  Combined with the Turquoise Ray that activates happiness,  by centering and nurturing the emotions.  Excellent for removing fear, anxiety and doubt replacing it with grace and wellness.  Anyone looking to enhance relaxation and remove stress will enjoy the centering, playful energy of this stone.

The following Collections, Angel Aura Seraphim  are being retired due to a significant increase in production costs for future production. Our commitment is to provide Gemtools for everyone. We will be offering these Collections to you at 20% off while quantities last starting October 1, 2021. Once these Collections are “sold out” they will no longer be available as part of our Collection.

Angel Aura Seraphim Mystic Quartz

Inspired by the "Angels of Light and Fire", the Seraphim Angels are six-winged Angels that guard the Throne of God. They are joyful, exciting and playful. Seraphim Angel Aura Quartz combines the dynamic play of the Opalescent Ray with the Golden Ray of the Sun and the Violet Ray of spirituality. They fill you with vibrant, joyful, intense, tireless and radiant energy. The Golden Ray enhances prosperity and confidence. The Violet Ray transmutes negativity into positive energy and assists in discovering your sacred path.