Angel Aura Mystic Quartz: Stone of Grace & Compassion

This collection features premier gem tools to manage our state during the global Coronavirus pandemic.  As days turned to weeks and weeks now are turning into months, most of us are challenged to manage our state and remain in the high vibration of love, grace and harmony.  The frequency of the Angel Aura Mystic Quartz Collection downloads the connection, guidance and support of the Angelic realm.

The Opalescent Ray is the signature ray of this collection. This is the Ray of the Angels resonating peace, serenity and love, clearing negative emotions, enhancing grace and compassion.  It wraps the wearer in the love of the Angels. Angel Aura Quartz provides a powerful shield of light protecting and nurturing. This collection powerfully activates all the chakras, clears the auric field and removes cords from relationships that no longer serve. They are stones of harmony, confidence and grace. They activate loving-kindness in oneself and others.

All of the Angel Aura Mystic Quartz Collection crystals are Storm Element so everyone can enjoy wearing them.


Angel Aura Amour

This stone combines the Opalescent Ray with the Pink Ray of Love.  This stone fills the soul with love, peace, serenity and confidence and assists us in seeing life through the eyes of the soul.  The Pink Ray activates self-love, forgiveness and emotional support. Angel Aura Amour is an excellent choice for attracting love, support with our emotions, resolving conflict and repairing relationships.

Angel Aura Bliss

Combining the Opalescent Ray with the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, and the Violet Ray of St. Germain, the ray of transformation. The Blue Ray sheld’s and calms the emotions filling the soul with peace and serenity, while the Violet Ray assists in spiritual development, protection and transmutes negativity into positive energy. Angel Aura Bliss supports the emotions and assists in speaking your truth with love. 

Angel Aura Enlightenment

The Opalescent Ray combines with the Violet Ray of St Germain and Archangel Zadkeil.  Archangel Zadkeil assists in dissolving negative energy while developing a natural desire to help others and achieving your life purpose. This stone is an amazing vehicle for activating connection with the divine and your sacred journey. It inspires ethereal energy that centers and propels you into your highest state.  Challenges dissolve and an understanding of Universal law is engaged. This is an amazing stone that will assist in propelling you onto your journey with grace, protection and connection with the other side.


Angel Aura Euphoria

Connecting with Archangel Raphael, the Master Healing Angel, with the Turquoise Ray of Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Joy and divine communication. This stone resonates with the Green Ray of healing and wellness and the Turquoise Ray that activates happiness, by centering and nurturing the emotions.  Excellent for removing fear, anxiety and doubt, replacing it with grace and wellness. Anyone looking to enhance relaxation, healing and remove stress will enjoy the centering, playful energy of this stone.


Angel Aura Seraphim

Inspired by the "Angels of Light and Fire", the Seraphim Angels are six-winged Angels that guard the Throne of God. They are joyful, exciting and playful. Seraphim Angel Aura Quartz combines the dynamic play of the Opalescent Ray with the Golden Ray of the Sun and Jupiter and the Violet Ray of Spirituality. They fill you with vibrant, joyful, intense, tireless and radiant energy. The Golden Ray enhances prosperity and confidence. The Violet Ray transmutes negativity into positive energy and assists in discovering your sacred path.
Maintain your state of love and harmony with the support of the Angel Aura Collection. Keeping our vibration elevated and in the frequency of grace, harmony and love ensures that we are feeding this energy to our family, community, and the sacred grid. When we all can stay in this energy of divine loving-kindness and support we remove the negativity and fear and replace it with peace, optimism and faith that all will be well. 

Sending you and your family Opalescent Blessings of love and harmony