Alexandrite Chrysoberyl: The Holy Grail of Spiritual Development

Thinning the veil between this side and the other side, Alexandrite is one of the premier tools for Spiritual Seekers. It downloads the euphoria of the other side and is the golden seal of psychic development. It also unites the heart and mind which is a great gift for Star Children who struggle with decision making, often opting to do nothing when they get overwhelmed by choices. Activation of the psychic senses in profound when engaging this magical chameleon.

A colour change stone described as Emerald by day and Ruby by night. The colour change is the result of the reflection of different types of light. Daylight produces a bluish-green colour and artificial light produces a violet red colour.

History of Alexandrite

According to Russian lore, Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia almost 200 years ago in 1836 on the Tsarevich Alexander’s sixteen birthday. It was named in his honour before he ascended the throne. The original deposit was spectacular displaying vibrant colour change properties moving from red to green, the imperial colours of the Tsar. It was very popular and the deposit was quickly mined out. Russian Alexandrite is scarce and has a cult-like following in the jewellery world. It is surrounded by mystery and has captivated jewellery connoisseurs and collectors since it was discovered. Most of the gems are found in heirloom jewellery can command prices much higher than the finest grade of diamonds. New Alexandrite deposits were found but the material is muddy and the colour change not as beautiful or saturated with colour. These stones cannot be used as vibrational tools due to the inclusions and low grade of the gem material.

In order to capture the original power and beauty of this amazing stone, the low-grade gem material is ground into a powder and the impurities are removed, the gem powder is then recrystallized in a lab. The Alexandrite regrows using an earth-grown gemstone as a “seed”. The only difference between these recrystallized stones is they do not have the inclusions found in the original gem material. This growing technique allows us to recapture the beauty and power of the stones harvested in the Ural Mountains in the 1800s. Our Alexandrite Chrysoberyls are earth-grown gems recrystallized in a lab. They vibrate at an extremely high frequency with excellent colour and clarity.

The Frequency of the Stone

Alexandrite Chrysoberyl is a bridge to the energy of the other side. It assists in channelling the happiness of our home on the other side and connecting with our Guides and Angels.

Gateway for Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience

If you are looking to activate your psychic senses Alexandrite is an excellent tool to help you hone your skill and connect with your sacred team of Guides and Angels.

Chakras and the Rays

Emanating the Red Ray that opens and activates the heart, the Violet Ray of purification and transformation that supercharges our third eye, crown, and etheric chakras assisting us to achieve our highest path in this lifetime. Combined with the Green Ray that opens and activates the heart enhancing compassion, love, vitality, growth, and healing and the Blue Ray that assists us in speaking our truth with loving-kindness. A balm to the emotions this stone assists in keeping us centred and calm.

Alexandrite Chrysoberyl will support you as you learn to trust your intuition and guidance from the Divine. It is the premier tool for honing your sacred ability to channel the energy of the other side, access your Guides and Angels, and your intuition.

This stone is a must for anyone who wants to unite their spiritual and physical realities.