A Star Child's Guide to Personal Sovereignty 

The end of the year is always a time of review and thinking about the coming year. Working with you at Kate King Jewellery is always a gift and the gemstones present a beautiful way to vibrate the frequency of what you want to attract. There is no doubt that 2020 was a crazy year and the stones have blessed us by helping our body resonate the frequency you need on our journey.  In my year review, my guides brought forward again and again the message of embracing our personal sovereignty. This is their gift to you in the coming energy. 

Personal Sovereignty 

Your soul was born and has lived lifetime after lifetime focused on learning and moving towards soul perfection through great hardship and victory. Every time you become embodied your soul has a specific life path. Life is much like a university degree. We engage with other souls to create a magnificent opportunity to erase Karma and sometimes we also create Karma. Throughout this process, the one constant is your soul's sovereignty. Your sovereignty remains regardless of your life path, no one can take that from you. You are a sovereign being of light with the ability to choose how you move through life. When you embrace your sovereignty you become more confident and stable. 

Sovereignty and the Golden Ray

As we move into the energy of the Golden Age, the Golden People are called upon to hold the vibration of loving-kindness in the form of complete empowerment. This is the powerful energy of the creator and Christ Consciousness. When we emanate the Golden Ray we connect and become a conduit for the energy of divine light. It is the energy of wisdom, confidence, grace, trust, peace, success and sovereignty. It brings forward the instinctual belief that you can achieve and manifest anything. The Golden Ray is connected with the energy of the Lion enhancing courage, tenacity, leadership, and vision. Your vision and belief in yourself will create the journey and the outcome. Everything is possible when we engage the energy of the Golden Ray and soar. This is the energy of the Sun, where you are the center and can create the life of your dreams. To activate the Golden Ray choose any golden stone such as, Citrine, Cognac Sapphire, Golden Rutile or Golden Hydro Quartz. 

Star Children and Personal Sovereignty

Star Children rarely incarnates on earth and as lore states the Great White Brotherhood (also known as Great Brotherhood of Light) sent out a call to the universe to recruit Starchildren to come to earth to hold the frequency of love and light on the planet as it transitions to a higher frequency. They saw the light was dimming on the blue planet that is beloved by all souls. It is one of the few planets in the universe where souls have memory veiling and are immersed in an emotional journey of the senses. Starsouls are described as multi-tasking dynamos, attention deficit, a little obsessive-compulsive, with a warrior spirit. They hate injustice more than anything and stand up for their beliefs. Starchildren usually incarnates in the galaxy where most of the societies are loving, kind and supportive so living on earth can be very challenging for the star soul. Embracing your personal sovereignty is a lifeline that stabilizes all aspects of our journey. It makes us rock solid. This is the gift of your soul. It can never be taken from you. You carry your sovereignty with you as your soul moves through lifetime after lifetime. Regardless of the life path story, you are a sovereign being of light. 

We are excited to present our new collection to activate your sovereignty

Angel Aura Sovereignty Mystic Quartz

Born of the light this stone emanates the Golden Ray of the Sun and Jupiter enhancing personal power, success, abundance, and confidence; with the Platinum Ray of the Moon and the Universe enhancing the connection with the highest frequencies of healing, ascension and nobility of your soul. This stone integrates the energy of personal sovereignty. It assists in feeling wise and centered in the knowledge that all will be well. We are moving into the Golden Age and this stone will support your frequency at the highest vibrational levels to move from stress into happiness and personal empowerment.

As you move through this very important time of the year. Remember to let go of all the thoughts and patterns that no longer serve. Write a manifesting statement about your life in 2021. Many blessings to you and all those you love for the coming new year.