5 Essential Gemstones for your Toolkit

Building your Gemstone Toolkit

Building your Gemstone Toolkit provides you with the opportunity to enhance your state in every situation. In consultations, people ask me which gemstones are the most important ones to own. Remember the gemstones are vibrating energy. Each gemstone vibrates at a specific frequency so it depends on what you are seeking to improve or attract in your life.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.
Building your gemstone Toolkit is a process. Step by step you add pieces as you need different support as your life unfolds. Your gems will serve you well and they will become important tools to live your highest vibration attracting the life you want to live. They are beautiful and will make you feel empowered and vibrant.

Rainbow Mystic Quartz 


One of the most popular responses that I receive when I ask clients what they want to enhance in their life is more joy and happiness. Our Rainbow Mystic Quartz is a stone of unlimited joy that activates the Rainbow Light Body, our spiritual vehicle. It’s activated by maintaining a frequency of unconditional love. Rainbow Mystic Quartz also assists in moving through challenges more quickly and balances the emotions. It gives insight and healing in stressful relationships. When you're happy you spread that happiness to everyone in your life.  

Shasta Pink Sapphire


We all need love. As human beings, it is one of our core necessities. Shasta Pink Sapphire wraps you in the vibration of love. The Buddhists believe that Sapphires should be worn by everyone for the balancing and nurturing benefits. They promote a positive attitude towards life, enhancing self-motivation and pursuing a path of self-fulfillment. Shasta Pink Sapphire teaches you to love yourself and see yourself through the eyes of your soul. If you're looking to improve a relationship or attract love this is a perfect tool. It opens your heart, cleanses past emotion preparing you for a new relationship and assists in holding the vibration to attract your perfect mate. 

Blue Green Spinel

We call this our “Let go and let God” stone as it supports type A personalities, assisting in relaxation and taking the time to smell the roses. This amazing anti-stress stone can be used to provide support for recovery from illness, fatigue and negative emotion. Many people ask for a stone that will help them find their soul’s purpose or help them move through transitional periods in their lives. Blue Green Spinel assists in accepting the challenges of the soul’s longing while focusing on the desired goal until it is won. It will help increase your vibration and propel it into a state of happiness while releasing stress, healing the physical and emotional body.  

Rutilated Quartz

On the top of most people’s wish lists is more success and abundance. One of the premier stones of abundance is Golden Rutilated Quartz. It is a master manifesting stone that is highly programmable and excellent for achieving whatever you desire. Whether it is health, abundance or joy, Golden Rutilated Quartz turbocharges positive intentions creating life-changing results. Gaze at the Rutile and state your intention as if it were your reality to attract the life that you desire.  

Midnight Mystic Quartz

Grounding and focus

A challenge that many people share is the ability to stay grounded and focused. Traditionally, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline have been used for focus and grounding. They both have a very low frequency that is not harmonized for most people who naturally resonate a higher vibration. When you reduce your natural vibration it’s like towing an 18 wheeler with a Ferrari. It causes the body to labour creating anxiety and stress. I designed our Midnight Mystic Quartz to offer grounding at a high frequency. It’s the perfect stone to harmonize, raise and maintain a high vibration in the physical body while enhancing grounding and focus.

This stone emanates the Platinum Ray, the master healing ray, that channels the most powerful healing on every level.  Along with grounding and healing, Midnight Mystic Quartz acts as a powerful shield against negativity. There are many stones we offer that will raise your vibration in similar ways so we hope this serves as a guideline to create your Toolkit.

All the gemstones available in our Online Shop are Storm Elements so they can be worn by any Vibrational Profile. In a one to one Vibrational Analysis, we encourage the wearer to tune into your body and feel the energy shift when you try the stone on.  When making an online purchase, get still and see if you can detect any effects in your energy when considering that stone for purchase.

What kind of reaction does it generate?  You may find the stone lets you know when you've made the right choice.