Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Year of the Monkey

People all over the world will celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 8, 2016. The Year of the Red Fire Monkey promises to keep you on your toes. A year of creativity, action and the unexpected, this is the year to do the things you have always dreamed of. The Monkey is playful and spontaneous so be open to the unexpected and enjoy opportunities for adventure and travel. Expect 12 months of fun.

The Monkey energy is playful, inquisitive, and mischievous so if you’re looking for a change, the Year of the Monkey is a great time to do it. Make sure to do your homework and be thoughtful in planning changes as the Monkey can be a trickster and things may not always be as they appear. So dot your I’s and cross your T’s before committing to major changes.

Monkeys are inquisitive so this is a year to expand your knowledge in any area.  Focus can be tricky so give yourself extra time to accomplish goals.

An excellent time for thinking out of the box, if you’ve been saving some innovative ideas this year is the time to give it a whirl. Expect the unexpected and get set to enjoy the ride! This year is a time to take action. A time for new endeavours, the Monkey’s influence will enhance success. There may be a few bumps in the road but the Monkey’s sunny attitude will carry you through.

Red is considered a lucky colour this year.  It vibrates a frequency of confidence and success.  Our Shakti Mystic Quartz is the perfect choice for the Year of the Monkey. It combines the Red Ray and the Violet Ray. Called the Ray of the Buddha, it cleanses the energetic body of negative energy and connects us to our soul purpose in this life. It enhances confidence and drive to succeed. Remember sometimes our biggest challenges initiate our greatest blessings, so keep your eyes focused on your heart’s desire and move through this year with grace and ease.  

May the Year of the Monkey bring Ruby Ray blessings to you and your family.

In Love and Light



In Love and Light,

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