How Vibrational Gemstones support our Star Children


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Star Children have been coming to earth for almost One Hundred years to bring peace, and assist in shifting consciousness. The frequency of Mother Earth is increasing. Raising your own vibration enhances this shift and one of the easiest ways to increase your vibration is through Vibrational Gemstones.

Do you identify with being a Star Child? Do you often feel like your body just doesn’t align with your energy?

Star Children’s soul vibrates at such a high frequency they often face challenges with residing in a low vibrational body. This can can lead to anxiety and difficulty with maintaining focus and concentration. Their high vibration soul frequency tends to tire out the physical body.

Star Children have a unique signature where they have a closed third eye.  Star Children are extremely clairvoyant and often close the third eye to make themselves feel less ‘different’ as children. It can be challenging to move through life at a younger age when you are susceptible to a lot of information so closing the third eye can prevent this from happening. Often times Star Children suffer from migraine headaches, neck and thyroid problems as well as other issues like attention deficit disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

We can use gemstones to raise the vibration of the physical body to make it more comfortable for the soul to live in.

The Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz can assist Star Children in opening their third eye and connecting back to their galactic origins. The Indigo Ray has a high vibration that is needed to connect with the stars while remaining grounded and focused. The stone also resonates the Platinum Ray which is the master healing ray.

Star Children come from a place where they are non-verbal communicators so they are used to communicating with the mind not their voice.

On earth, Star Children are forced to communicate with the voice so a lot of the time we see children who start talking later or not talking as frequently as others.  Their higher frequency doesn’t require verbal communication so as children they are often misunderstood.  When they don’t use their voice early on this can lead to closed throat chakra. This can lead to issues with the throat, thyroid, neck and shoulders. We can assist in opening the throat chakra and keeping it open with the Paraiba Effect Spinel. It assists Star Children with improving communication as it opens the third eye, throat and crown chakra. It ignites joy and invites anyone to walk their true path with grace and empowerment.

We honour Star Children as they were sent here to bring peace, enlightenment and to raise the frequency of earth to a higher vibration.

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