The Treasure in Releasing Control

In the last year I have enjoyed becoming an observer in my own life.  I have recognized that resistance is stressful and it usually doesn’t affect the ultimate outcome. Recently, my production manager and I were working on the new collections. We were under a 24 hour deadline and time was ticking. I wanted to work on a collection that was more complicated and would require more production time. My production manager wanted to work on our regular collection. We continued to work on the more complicated collection. Two hours later our head Silversmith came in to let us know one we needed regular collection pieces for the next production as several of the production team would be away shortly for a fellow Silversmiths wedding.

The more complicated collection would wait another couple of weeks when the team was all together again.  My PM and I looked at each other and had a giggle.  I had really felt it was better to do the complex collection to give the Silversmiths more time and yet the universe had a different plan! My PM’s instinct was correct!  It added another couple of hours to our day but we completed everything on time. We just surrendered and followed the flow.  I am so blessed to have such a positive supportive team.

We all love to control our journey and yet there is a master plan at work.  The more you can surrender to the universal plan without frustration or judgement the more you will enjoy your journey.

I encourage you to become an observer in your own life.  Learn to be okay with things unfolding differently than you had envisioned, most of the time the universal plan has a golden lining.  Even when you feel stuck or the “establishment” is creating issues like late packages, demanding people, challenging situations, or expectations not met, there is an opportunity waiting to be experienced. Surrender and feel your stress evaporate and your fight or flight reaction will vanish.

When things get challenging ask yourself “Am I going to remember this in 10 years and will it matter?”  If the answer is no, then let it go and let it flow.  Have faith, all will be well.


Your life is blessed.  

The universal plan is amazing.

Enjoy your journey.

Live with grace and ease.

Perhaps you have already practiced this in your own life.  Share with us in the comments your observations when you have “taken your hands off the steering wheel”.  We’d love to hear what you’ve learned with this experience.

In Love and Light,

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  • Robin Mink
    Posted at 16:06h, 16 March

    My hands were forced off the wheel…knee injury. I guess I was supposed to slow the heck down. I have now! Stubborn Taurus? Actually it’s a blessing in disguise. I’m doing lots of creative projects, from my chair, that I’d been putting off. I’d been on a very willful path and it was wearing me out. Afraid to “loose time” or slow down. Hah! I’m feeling sooo much better and Zen-Like a month into my “office chair exile”. Rather than being the usual go-getter I’m practicing the more receptive approach of letting things come to me. New but necessary territory. It already feels better.
    Bless you Kate and love to all.

  • Kate King Jewellery
    Posted at 15:20h, 21 March

    Sometimes we don’t know what we need until the choice is made for us. Hope you are on the mend now Robin. Thanks for sharing!

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