Taurus-The Earth Element

The Organizer


If you are born April 20 to May 20 you are the frequency of an Earth Element as a Taurus.

The Taurus is strong willed, perseverant and determined. Taurus resonates the Earth Element. You are grounded and excellent at organizing yourself and others. Logical, engaged and focused, you make a great leader.  

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which activates an appreciation of love and beauty. It is the planet of refinement and gives you a desire for beautiful surroundings and a harmonious atmosphere.  

Earth Elements love to plan. When you’re not organized you probably wish you were!  Sometimes you get frustrated when others do not honour being on time. You don’t like it when people are late and you generally like to be on time or early for appointments. Sometimes it’s difficult to practice patience, remember to be kind in your interactions.  

An Earth Element is learning the value of flexibility in this lifetime. The more you can move through your life with grace and ease the less stress you will feel.

When you start feeling stressed ask yourself “Will I remember this in 10 years? Is this something that will shape me as a human being?”  If the answer is no, release the energy as much as possible and focus on an easy and effortless resolution.  

Remember your thoughts and feelings are what shape your future.

In Love and Light,

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