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Thank you Kate King! My left shoulder was injured in October 2015. Although I did many therapies to help my shoulder, by December 2015 I was in excruciating pain and my shoulder was frozen, so I could not lift my arm at all. I needed help with basic activities like showering, dressing... I could not even drive my car. It felt like broken glass inside of my shoulder and arm all the time, and the pain was 10/10. Nothing made it better: not acupuncture, not herbs, not physical therapy, not osteopathic adjustments. Over the year 2016 the pain slowly decreased to a 5/10 and I could only move my arm 90 degrees. I found a Chinese herbal formula that was helping to heal it slowly. In january 2017, I got my first Kate King pendant. I was looking at two other pendants - trying to decide between them; when a small. square, cushion cut Mystic Moonlight pendant called out to me: in my mind's eye I heard it say: " over here, over here, pick me". As you can imagine, I was startled, and looked at it with disbelief. I though, OK, I will try it on... I put it on, and it literally came alive - it got brighter and I got brighter. It felt extremely good to be on my body. This crystal gem chose me! I paid for it, and wore it as I began driving home. About 15 minutes into my driving, my left shoulder began grinding inside - I could feel it, and audibly hear it - for about 10 seconds, then I heard 2 thumps and felt that my left shoulder adjusted itself. Then it was quiet. I proceeded driving home, but by the time I got home, my shoulder was much looser with less pain. Within a few weeks, my shoulder was healthy again, no pain and full range of motion. It was a miracle! I could not believe how this pendant was so powerful to heal me! and so fast! Again, thank you Kate and thank you Mystic Moonlight pendant!
Ellen Shefi
Oregon City, OR
It was a beautiful Sunday morning here in the Foothills of Calgary and I decided to take my horse 'Magnum' out for a short trail ride just down our road. I slipped my cell phone into my back pocket for emergencys, and off we went. Our ride was just what my soul needed and after our ride, I realized my cell phone must have fallen out of my back pocket. So I jumped on my bicycle and retraced my tracks. No luck.... We live on top of a hill and my front tire had only half the air in it so as I'm heading back home, and up the hill, I had to stop, get off my bike and start pushing it up the hill. I held my Diamond simulation and said "please help me find my phone". I heard a soft "ping' I searched the tall grass beside the road where the soft ping came from and., you guessed it, I found my phone. Funny thing is, my phone has no ping sound. It has a jingle when I get a text or message. No one called or texted me that morning or afternoon...... I believe
Michele Edwards
I love my Kate King jewellery. I have two pieces... and both of them I feel chose me, rather than me choosing them. Its hard to describe in words the way that wearing the jewellery makes me feel. It mostly feels that I am supporting myself and honouring myself, and because I was drawn to specific crystals that do different things, its just an inner knowing and feeling that they are doing their job. And of course they look so exquisite, I feel honoured to wear them. Love Kelly xxx
Kelly Henderson
Deakin, Canberra, Australia
My pink stone is my favorite, it gives me self love. I love how it makes me feel. When I am feeling depressed it helps clear my head so I feel happy. I always feel better if I am wearing my stone when I feel alone or depressed.
Madeleine matthies
Amherst, ma
I bought my Rose quarts from you 6 years ago, while going through a messy Divorse, I would love to have another one of your beautiful stones. One day soon for sure !!!!!
Jennifer Thompson
Nanton, Alberta
I love my stone from Kate King. My mom introduced me to these energetic stones and I really feel amazing when I have mine on 🙂
Petra Matthies
Aiken South Carolina
I was introduced to Kate King Jewellery through my sister. I was fortunate enough to be gifted three pieces over the past 10 years - two rings and a pendant. My favourite piece, however, is one that I worked with Kate at her store in Calgary to purchase. I had recently lost my grandmother and was going through a particularly turbulent few years in my life. After a particularly powerful reading by Kate, we eventually worked our way to a blue green spinel piece which I feel choose me. It helps release negativity and encourages one to let go. The particular cut of the stone helps ground an individual. I wore the piece to my grandmother's funeral and felt it helped ground me, to release negativity and feel positive during an emotional and difficult day. I wear my piece quite often - a lot during days at work when I have a hard task ahead and need a positive mindset and just days, perhaps, when I need comfort. I regularly get complemented on my piece and feel people are 'pulled' towards it. Perhaps the guides are speaking to others? I look forward to expanding my toolbox.
Amber Fandrick
London, England
Walking into Kate King Jewellery was like walking into a past life in Atlantis. The welcome is genuine and warm and the stones are rays of light and spirit, offering guidance, support and love. I chose a beautiful Tanzanite Effect Sapphire and she chose me. She sits at the heart chakra level and is aware I am writing and sharing this story. She asks us to remember the essence and light energy in our gems; a simple stillness and hello to your piece will help your connection. The more we share and talk about our gems, the greater healing, light, and awareness can spread...even the idea about their existence. I personally am in awe of my beautiful stone so are my friends and strangers who see her. The word the comes up is lady once asked if I stopped by the Crown Jewels and picked up a pendant. That was lovely validation for the beauty of my stone and a chance to talk about the magic and purpose behind Kate King Jewellery...this lady has since visited Kate King and has put her first stone on lay away. I'm so happy to talk about this special jewellery. It is my goal to get to own more than one piece and to work with the energies for the highest good of everyone. Heaven's blessings, Celine
Celine Comeau
Victoria, BC
I purchased my "Angel Aura Seraphim Mystic Quartz" pendant the end of November. I have been struggling with being stuck for a long time. I wore my pendant to 2 job interviews and will start work in a new position later this month. I'm feeling particularly blessed at the moment.
Sandra Giles
Calgary, Alberta
I have a fabulous ring collection that I never wear anymore, because I only want to wear my KK pendants. I get MANY compliments on whatever I am wearing. When I happen to leave the house without one on, I feel naked. These are my 2 faves, normally not worn together: Shakti Mystic with pink gold lion bale, and blue-green spinel with silver dragon bale (which I wear the most). Both so fabulous! I feel like I'm part of a special sisterhood, as we recognize each other's jewellery as Kate King pieces along the byways of life. It is a badge of automatic understanding of certain spiritual truths, so we feel comfortable sharing more intimately with strangers than we otherwise would. It's awesome. I can't wait to make my annual visit to the show in Abbotsford in a few weeks.
Holly Workman
Vancouver, BC
I remember the first day we met day and you picked this stone out for me, after marvelling over all the other gorgeous pieces I was prepared not to like this one! However once you placed it on me and the jolt to my very core we both felt I knew this stone choose me as much as I had to have it. It may not be the prettiest or shiniest stone out there but it is my anchor, my Moldavite. Being a double earth this stone grounds me like no other. I always wear two stones on my chain, one on front and one in back. My Moldavite is always one of the two and the other chooses me for the day. If I do have to go a day without my stone I soon start to feel dislodged, I usually become scattered and I feel the day just doesn't turn out as well as it could have, thankfully there are not to many of those days! I thank you Kate for your dogged determination to find just the right piece I need when I need it and I have to say in my eyes my Moldivate has become just as gorgeous as any I've seen. You're one of the special souls today whose hard work benefits everyone lucky enough to have met you!
Pam Turcot
St. Albert Alberta
I am extremely proud of my Kate King Jewellery, they have become a sacred part of my day. I wear my Starlight Mystic Quartz when I’m heading out of the house. I’m nervous by nature and since having this necklace I’ve come into my authentic self and my awareness of creating boundaries within work and relationships has become a focus… Space and energy abound! Thank you Kate and Nicole for working with me as I learn this new way of holding the light!
Keely Fandrick
Powell River, BC
I have never owned anything that I have received continuous compliments on. Even the stock boy at the grocery store stopped me and said how beautiful it was. He kept looking at it and the. Said it looked like it was powerful, like it had some kind of power! It is a red sapphire and Kate helped me see that it was what I needed at that time in my life. I could feel the energy of her pendants right away and was attracted to a few of them. I was quite sick with chron's and unemployed at that time. The chron's has pretty much gone into remission and I have started my own business teaching meditation, my true calling. Thank you Kate! Cheryl
Nuria Stelte
I have had the pleasure of purchasing a few pieces from Kate King Jewellery in the past year or so. I love each and every one in their own special way. Each one has helped me as it was intended to, from opening and nurturing the pathway to my spiritual awareness, to healing my heart, to fueling my creativity and giving me courage to move forward and not give up, to enveloping me in a cool embrace in stressful and heated situations. It is amazing to me that these pieces have such a profound affect and you can physically feel them working on you. Thank you so much Kate for sharing your gifts and bringing these beautiful pieces to all parts of the world for us to enjoy and benefit from. Much love to you and your consultants!
Christina Atkins
Okotoks, AB
I'm Hailey and Im 6 years old. My mom and Nana have lots of Kate King jewelry. I got my first piece for my birthday from my Nana. My favorite piece is my rainbow mystic quartzs. I am a star child so this quartz keeps me grounded. Mike helped me pick the right one for me. He picked a very small one at first and I said " that's too small".
Hailey Fearns
I first came across this amazing jewelry after seeing a piece on a friend. I was mesmerized by it and ran right out to the Stampede to find my own special piece. (i wound with two that day!) I have to say it was really hard for me to pick my favourite piece - I have 9 of them and they are all incredibly powerful and special in their own ways. This Amethyst just makes me feel so happy!!! I follow my intuition and am guided each day to choose the right one for my energy! So grateful to Kate, Mike and all the staff for bringing these incredible tools in to my life! 🙂
Sandra Hordos
I can only say thank you for this white sapphire it truly has purity and tangible energy. I love it! Thank you Kate for all your support and love!
Grace Pettit
My mom first met Kate and we were instantly hooked. Both of my kids (6-10)have a small pieces as well. I have 8 pieces and love everyone. I wear one everyday... My favorite is my spirit mystic quartz. I feel connected to my spirits. I get complements on all my Kate King jewelry and tell everyone to go to the store. I feel grounded and notice a difference if I have forgot to put one on (which isn't often).
Janine Monteiro
Calgary AB
Discovering Kate's jewellery opened a gateway of mystical experiences for me. The beautiful kunzite and cognac pendant and cognac accent pieces in this photo are among my favoritea.Being a fire element cognac takes me directly to my power and is one of my most cherished of all. Thanks Kate for inviting us to experience not only beauty but magic through our adornments!
Lovelle Guske
I was very lucky to be gifted 4 Kate King pieces. Each one has a very different quality. The one thing they have in comman is they ground me and give me confidence.
Travelling in Asia
I first came upon Kate King Jewellery at an exhibition in the stampede grounds here in Calgary. I wasn't really paying attention until something caught my eye. I was on a mission though to find a special piece of jewelry, should I come across something, whether it was to be earrings or a necklace. This was to be our mother and daughter wedding gift from myself to her. I was so glad I picked up a business card, and as it turned out I brought my daughter in to your store, to pick out something special for her wedding day last March 2015. We originally were planning on looking at earrings, but then things started to take a different turn. The wedding was March 28/15, with a wedding party of about 20 people at 'Restaurant 18' in Ottawa, Ontario and everything was perfect, including the heart shaped stone, which absolutely sparkled as soon as my daughter Hollis put it on. She knew and I knew which stone was the one almost instantaneously. My daughter was so excited she couldn't wait to wear it for her girls night out prior to the wedding. Her face absolutely lit up with delight! I plan to purchase and surprise her with another piece and eventually one for myself, as she and her now husband (Karl) are planning a wedding celebration with 150 of their closest friends and family this June 2016 near Kelowna, BC. You see the grooms father, Harold was not to be here with us much longer, and my daughter and Karl, his son wanted him to be a part of the actual wedding ceremony. Many of her bridesmaids and family members commented on how beautiful she looked. I believe this necklace and special stone really created a special energy for that day. Interestingly, my son-in-laws families favorite color was blue! Thank you so much to the staff at Kate King Jewellry for taking so much time to ensure my daughter received just the right piece of jewelry. It will be something she will treasure forever, and can pass onto her own daughter one day.
Brenda Cochrane
Calgary, Alberta
Everytime i wear this my attitude and outlook changes. It draws people to me and in the hospitality business it only enhances how i treat my customers. there are all drawn to it and ask about it. i am more than proud to tell them all about it and Kate King. I just received a cage for stones for Christmas and now I can't take it off.
Diane Yucytus
Cardston County, Alberta
I am truly blessed to own 2 Kate King pieces. My Starlight Mystic is my favourite, it was also my first. I am currently using most often my Cognac Sapphire to help me manifest some amazing goals I'm looking to achieve in my life and my business. I think one of the most amazing things about Kate's pieces, besides there breath taking beauty, is when others recognize the piece on me. I was as far south as Sedona in a farmers market when a vendor came up to me and commented on my Starlight mystic. Called it by it's correct name and everything, WOW! It is an extremely rare occasion when I'm not wearing either one of my beautiful pieces. I am so truly grateful to have these stones working along side me in my journey. Thank you Kate for all your gifts.
Tonya Kemp
Sherwood Park, AB
I first seen Kate King Jewellry at Spruce Meadows, the pieces were outstanding, it was pretty, not a booth for men, I thought to myself. My fiancé and I stopped to admire the stones, after I was given a reading, I was handed this piece of Moldavite, as strange as I sounds I felt my heart open up, and expand, this piece has been with me almost every day since then. It has taken away aches, and pains, it has given me energy, and clarity. It has changed my mind about this Jewellry just being for ladies, this Jewellry is for everyone! This piece has even survived being trampled into the ground by a herd of cattle, I was lucky to find it the next day, and only bent the bail on it, it was sent back for repairs, it came back blessed, and good as new. This is truly meant to be my stone, and I'm happy it found me!
Lee Bascom
Eastend, Saskatchewan
I fell in love with Kate's beautiful gemstones a couple years ago and now have a tool kit of seven powerful pendants. I wear them almost every day, always by intuition of which piece will give me what I need that day. I've actually started buying new clothing that goes with the stones, versus wearing a stone that goes with my existing wardrobe! They always make me feel more grounded, more expanded, more loving. Thanks Kate for bringing these amazing pendants to help raise the frequency of the planet.
North Carolina
Although I am blessed to have quite a few pieces in my tool box. My favourite piece would have to be my Yellow Sapphire with a sunstar mystic as the top stone. After my Mother passed I dreamt of a yellow stone in a trillion shape. And I spoke with Katrece, the Australian rep about my dream and the piece was then made. Admittedly when I received the piece I went through a bit as I did not feel the piece was for me but I soon came to realise I did not feel I was worthy of feeling joy. Over the past 3 years I have had her now she has changed colour and is a golden colour and I now get called the golden child. I still love her and she has been the one I have worn most over the holiday period.
Vicki Harrison
Waikato, New Zealand
I found Kate King from a very talented gifted bodyworker named Mare Tomanski 🙂 On that first visit with Kate King representative Joyce Tattleman, I purchased two stones, a selenite Buddha, and my midnight mystic. These stones have become an integral part of my energetic work and personal being. I can't even imagine not having them as a part of me and my life's work. In this photo I am wearing my midnight mystic which helps to ground and protect me. The most special part of Kate King jewelry is the custom reading of your soul and body type matched with enhancing whatever you are working on in your life. I feel amazing when wearing my stones, and have grown my collection to 6 amazing stones that I love dearly 🙂 Thanks Kate for all you do, and for choosing amazing reps like Joyce in Massachusetts. Love you, Janet 😉
Janet Matthies
Millis, Massachusetts
My name is Deborah and my sister introduced me to the amazing Kate King jewellery. I am lucky enough to have several to choose from and I let them speak to me every day. I can feel the energy as soon as I put then on. I feel joy, uplifted or centered or all of the above. I connect to spirit and allow the stones to help me listen to messages coming through. I thank Kate for her work and inspired intention.
Deborah Marsden
Karana Downs, Queensland, Australia
AMAZING JEWELRY! The Chemistry that one feels when they wear a Kate King fine jewelry. There is nothing else in the market like it. It is bold and it stands out all on its own. I have fallen in love with so many of your pieces. Every year I add new pendant to my collection. Here in this photo I am wearing the Padparadsha Sapphire with the curved cut. It makes me feel like a GODDESS.
Helina Lela Beloved
Washington State
I have been searching for the perfect stone for quite a while and when I heard about Kate King I knew I had to go see her pieces! I have been lucky enough to purchase 3 stones so far, the 2 in my picture are a sapphire and a tanzanite. I look forward to growing my collection!
Michelle Grasley
Cochrane Alberta
We went to the Cowboy Challenge on New Years Eve, 3 of us together all wearing Kate King pieces, recognizing 2 other women also wearing Kate King pieces. Had to get a photo! Funny thing is we were all sitting in the same section within rows of each other. Happy New Year everybody!!
Sherry Spence
I opened this beauty on Christmas morning! It is a super powerful manifesting stone, a lemon quartz. I programmed it for love, kindness and understanding. There were 22 strong personalities at Xmas dinner and what could have been a lot of drama was calm! I love my Kate King jewelry!
Calgary- Puerto Vallarta
My favourite piece is my Christmas gift, Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz. This piece is extra special to me because of the love attached to it. It was on my wish list for Christmas and when my husband went into Kate's store, Kate and Mike had wonderful things to say about me. My husband was so very touched by their kind words that he choked up. After opening my beautiful new Quartz, he shared his story and he cried. It was such a beautifully profound moment, one I will never forget. I love and adore Kate and her jewelry. No other jewelry touches my skin but hers. I carry her business cards in my purse because someone will always ask me where did I get that pendant from? Kate's jewelry assist me on my spiritual journey. They travel with me, they are a part of me. Thank you Kate for your loving words, and thank you for providing quality, beautiful jewelry that compliments who I Am. <3
Carolin Post
Calgary, Alberta
As a drama and dance teacher, I get to see young children's bright spirits and curiosity in action every day. I was lucky enough to get a few Kate King pieces earlier this year on our trip to Ashland. When I returned, my 1st and 2nd grade students were enchanted with the different necklaces, wanting to know the names of each one, always wondering which one I would wear each day--sometimes making requests! I often felt like the pendants were not just raising my vibration, but enhancing and shifting the energy of the whole class, always toward the positive. One little girl came up to me one day, reached for my necklace, studied it, then proclaimed solemnly, "Angel Aura." It was so sweet! Another child's mother sent me an email with a picture. Her daughter had drawn all the "jewels" from memory on her white board! Each one was represented, with the correct shape and color. I was so charmed! I have always known that these stones were enhancing and blessing my life, but it has been magical to see the way they affect people around me as well. Whenever a child (or adult) seems particularly drawn to the stones, I make a mental note: this person is sensitive. Take good care of his/her heart. I feel so grateful and lucky to have these tools, these lovely pieces of jewelry that transcend beauty, and emanate goodness and light. Thank you, Kate and Elizabeth!
Molly Hall
I stumbled into Kate at a tradeshow. I had lost my job, a family member, my voice and myself. That was a pivotal day because I went home with a Smokey Quartz pendant and it helped change my life. I now own a leather business, where I happily design and create in remote, rural Saskatchewan. Two years after purchasing this stone it disappeared. I looked for a year before deciding to replace it, with a "mo-biggah" one. Miraculously, the old stone showed up the week after buying the new one. I think it was all meant to be! Thank you Kate!
Cait McLean
Eastend Saskatchewan
My life changed for the better the moment I met and consulted with Kate and even better as I put on the gem. A few days later I went to a gathering of new friends, of course wearing the pendant, and while I hadn't yet established the natural affection of close friends, everyone at the party at some point kissed me and wrapped me in their arms. I felt like a human blarney stone! Magic? I think not. Vibration...indeed.
Robin Mink


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