Stone of the Month Tara Mystic Quartz

Tara Mystic Quartz is our May Stone of the Month. It is an important stone for our Toolkit as it vibrates the frequency of loving-kindness, grace, happiness, self-awareness and compassion.

It was named after beloved Tara, the Mother of all Creation.

Painting in the Dunhuang Series by Zeng Hao



Tara Mystic Quartz embodies the vibration of unconditional love.  It emanates the soft Pink Ray of love and devotion; the White Ray of purity, connecting us with the energy of the Divine and our highest path; the Yellow Ray of the Sun and Jupiter, activating unlimited happiness and master manifesting; and the Turquoise Ray of joy and tranquillity.

Tara Mystic Quartz

Emanating these energetic rays raises your vibration and enhances how you treat yourself and others.

Love for Yourself
Loving yourself is so important. When you see yourself through the eyes of your soul and see the blessing you bring to others’ lives, you are acknowledging your sacred self. All the work you have done lifetime after lifetime and all that you bring to this world.

Love for Others
When we vibrate the frequency of love we are kinder to ourselves and others. It assists us in seeing the positive and focusing less on imperfections. Love is the most blessed of all the frequencies. It truly enriches our life and assists us in being more patient and flexible. It enhances our journey by improving our mood.

Being in the vibration of love encourages feelings of joy, the joy flows from us and into others. Uplifting them in ways that improve that day’s experience.

Resonate the frequency of love with Tara Mystic Quartz. enhance happiness, success and achievement. Connect with Tara when moving through change or feeling unsure, she will wrap you in protection, courage, love, confidence and certainty all will be well.

Vibrational Gemstones provide the opportunity to choose how you move through your life. Choose how you want to feel, select the stone that matches the frequency you want to resonate and see how the universe will respond.


The frequency of Love always brings us back to our center. This is the path of mastery.



In Love and Light,

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