Something Special for Mother’s Day

Kuan Yin Mother of Compassion


We are so grateful for Mother’s. Knowing that not everyone gets to be with their mom on Mother’s Day makes being able to celebrate Mother’s Day with their moms makes it even more special!  Some of us have lost our mother’s or we’re at a great distance.  So when we have the privilege of sharing our love in their company it means so much!  To help you think of some unique ways to honour your mom check out this segment on Breakfast Television.  Stylist Julie Redmond shows some great options from  Calgary Willowpark store.

Mother’s Day gift guide

Kate’s Pick of the Month is the High Priestess Mystic Quartz

This stone especially honours the strength of women. A stone of feminine power. It has a wonderful frequency that enhances your ability to open your heart and believe in yourself. It is motivating and creates an optimistic, joyful drive towards your soul path.

The stone featured in the BT segment is the Imperial Pink Sapphire

Wisdom is one of the most empowering frequencies we can engage. It activates non-judgement and grace, two of the greatest gifts you can bestow on yourself and others. This stone unites you with your sacred self and your divine life purpose. Confidence and happiness blossom when you forgive and love yourself completely.

We know that mom’s will love the empowerment in both of these stones.

In Love and Light,

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