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I am so touched by the posts on the Share the Love page on our new website. Our Jewels of Light are doing their jobs. I was led to do this work to support all the beautiful souls who are here on Earth. It’s a planet that stretches us.

These tools are designed to assist with the emotions and help you to hold your vibration and achieve your goals.

Thank you so much for carrying the vibration of love and light wearing these precious  awakened jewels.

Our Share the Love page will be ongoing but if you submit your story by January 4th, 2016, we will enter you in our draw for a chance to win this Tara Mystic from our Yin Yang Collection.  Value is $450. Please include a photo of you and your favourite piece!

Named after beloved Tara, the mother of all creation, this lovely stone emanates the soft Pink Ray of love and devotion, the White Ray of purity and the Yellow Ray of the Sun and Jupiter. This stone awakens loving kindness, humility, grace, self-awareness, and compassion. It activates a gentleness that encourages the wearer to be kinder to themselves and others. Connecting with Tara is excellent when undergoing change or feeling unsure. She will wrap you in courage and love, helping you to know all will be well.

In Love and Light,

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