Rise Up! with Peacock Mystic Quartz

The incredible journey of life is like a master’s degree. Challenging, euphoric, emotional, frustrating, motivating, a journey of ups and downs. It is said that our soul lines up to engage a lifetime here on earth where it is immersed in an  emotional journey and agrees to complete amnesia. Without the vast knowledge of the soul’s past wisdom and experience it’s a “fasten your seatbelt” journey. Life’s twists and turns stretch the soul, navigating the challenging events, job loss, challenging relationships, health issues for yourself or loved ones, and fear of the future. All of these are part of the master class we signed up for. 

It might take some time before you truly understand what the universe is showing you but eventually, when you surrender, you will see the beauty, growth and gift in the challenge. In that moment, you are being transformed into something greater. 

Raise your Frequency with Peacock Mystic Quartz

We have developed a gateway stone to support your journey to magnificence.  The Peacock is connected with resurrection, rebirth, and transformation; rising out of our darkest moments to walk our highest soul path.

Enveloped in the Energy of the Goddess

Resonating the energy of the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity, kindness, and good luck with Kuan Yin. the Goddess of compassion and loving-kindness. As you embrace your transformation, the energies of the Goddess Lakshmi and Kuan Yin will propel you forward. Gently care for yourself and all who surround you with certainty all will be well. 

Engage the Nobility of your Soul

The Peacock Collection resonates vibrancy, vitality, confidence, and engaging the nobility of your soul. The power and energy of the Peacock instills excitement, empowerment and happiness. Peacock Mystic Quartz inspires the auspicious energy of attraction, refinement, vision, expression, and supreme empowerment as your life continues to unfold.

Be bold, be brave, be all that you can be

Activate the wisdom of your mind, the magnificence of your soul and the compassionate love of your heart with the beautiful vibration of Peacock Mystic Quartz.

In Love and Light,

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