Rainbow Ray of Joy and Confidence


Rainbow Mystic Quartz-Rainbow Ray of Joy and Confidence

We deserve to feel happy but it can be a challenge when the lower vibrations interrupt our desire to feel this way. Fear, anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, or a general malaise can seriously lower our vibration. This is when raising our frequency to release the lower vibrations and engage the higher vibrations is so important. This is when raising our frequency to release the lower vibrations and engage the higher vibrations is so important.  When we are happy everything in our world looks brighter and we are better able to manage the everyday challenges life offers.  

Rainbow Mystic Quartz resonates a symphony of frequencies. Each colour vibrates at different electromagnetic frequency producing a complete activation of the Rainbow Light Body, our spiritual vehicle. When we activate our Rainbow Light Body we are activating unconditional love and the highest aspect of our soul.






What is the Rainbow Light Body? 

This is our vehicle to Nirvana. This is a stone of happiness and balance. It assists in moving through challenges more quickly and going from stress into joy. It keeps you grounded, centered, and energized while balancing the emotions.

The Rays of Rainbow Mystic 

In the Rainbow Mystic Quartz are 3 main frequency Rays:  

  1. The Indigo Ray gives us freedom, allowing us to break the repetitive worry cycle.
  2. The Turquoise Ray is one of happiness and joy so it feeds us this energy as we wear it.
  3. The Rainbow Ray of expansion which also resonates freedom and happiness but also  confidence, and locking us to our personal power. It activates all the chakras and meridians enhancing a grounded, centered confidence. 

Such a joyful, reassuring gemstone to give us daily confidence in our path. 

In Love and Light,

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