Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz

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Excellent stone for grounding. Highly protective, Smoky Quartz is a stone that cleanses and clears the aura and energy fields. We see more clients who are having difficulty maintaining their earthly connection. Many people are working in their upper chakras and their lower chakras are closed causing them to feel disconnected and disorganized. Smoky Quartz opens and activates the root chakra and maintains a clear connection with our earthly bodies. It is excellent for organization and structure. We recommend dark Smoky Quartz to clear negative emotions, especially grief.


Smokey Quartz
Weighs 0.9kg or 2 lbs on stand
Approx. measurements including stand; 10"/26cm H x   3"/7cm D x 3.5"/9cm W 

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