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Realign, Release and Relax Grid

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Ignite relaxation, release, and realign yourself with this powerful grid. Brings balance and calm to the mind, and helps you find your inner strength. Aids in releasing negative emotions, and promotes the flow of positive energy. The frequency of this grid will help aid in realigning oneself to bring a feeling of calm and confidence. Clears, relaxes, and realigns your sacred space and all those around it.

Colombian Quartz
Colombian Quartz is incredibly clear and run at a very high vibration, among the highest in the Quartz World. These crystals are sourced from the Emerald mines of Colombia. They are fantastic healing companions, helping one make sound unemotional decisions. While these decisions help serve one’s self interests, they also stay within harmonic alignment with what is good for humankind and the planet as a whole. They help to cut through any negative belief patterns that are holding one back from moving on with one’s soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity that brings truth and balance to the mind, body and spirit. It calms and soothes the systems and helps one to be more receptive to recognizing unnecessary patterns of negativity, self-defeat and victimization. It supports change and transformation in your life and helps you to find the strength and willingness to shift your life for the better.

Cradle of Humankind
Cradle of Human Kind igniting the rebirth of oneself. It allows you to go back to the foundations to start again from the beginning of the soul’s journey – reprogramming all that has gone before. Cradle of Human Kind ignites joy and vitality by celebrating the beautiful humanity surrounding you. It is very centering and grounding, especially for those who have been uprooted/displaced and need to find a new home within themselves. 

Green Obsidian
Green Obsidian opens and purifies the Heart and Throat Chakras. Green Obsidian treats the gallbladder and the heart. This stone facilitates relaxation, calmness and peace; it reduces stress, eases insomnia, protects you from nightmares; promotes the ability to flow with change; promotes confidence in outcomes and the knowledge that everything is alright.

Selenite is a very powerful energetic cleanser. Energy travels on the fibrous strands in a turbo charged way. Cleanses and activates the etheric, crown and third eye chakras.  Selenite can be used to clear blockages in the physical and etheric bodies and has a scanning effect dissolving blockages and assisting the body to repair connective tissue and nerves. Stimulates physical healing.

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This Crystal Grid Kit includes:x8 Columbian Quartz ($3.95 each)x4 Snowflake Obsidian ($3.95 each)x6 Cradle of Humankind ($3.95 each)x4 Green Obsidian ($3.00 each)x2 Selenite Hearts Sm ($2.95 each)(Clear Quartz Generator sold separately)OPTIONAL -1 Clear Quartz Generator ($7.50 each)  If you already have a generator from other Grid kits, or select Quartz Energy GeneratorProduct selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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