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Storm Element
  • Anti-procrastination, Motivation, Self Discipline & Independence.
If you want an anti-procrastination stone, Scapolite is an excellent choice.  A stone of achievement and motivation, it is excellent for stimulating self-discipline and independence.  It assists in overcoming inertia and self-sabotage.  Activates transformation and inspires one to take action.  It is useful for breaking through old patterning, removing emotional baggage, and activates the release of old karma.  It promotes change and moving forward on your path with determination and confidence.
Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Heart Scapolite set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold.
Goddess bale
Pendant Measures: 20mm L x 13mm W; Stone measures 9 x 13mmW
Shown on Braided Italian Sterling Silver chain plated in Yellow Gold  (not included)

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