YAG Neon Yellow Garnet

YAG Neon Yellow Garnet

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Storm Element
  • Stimulates the mind bringing clarity of thought and sharpening the memory

This supercharged emanation of the Yellow Ray activates a bubbly vibration enhancing happiness. This is a cheerful outgoing frequency of enthusiasm, communication and confidence. The Neon Yellow Ray is the Ray of Illumination enhancing our connection to inner wisdom and the Christ Consciousness. A stone of courage, consciousness and
enlightenment. It stimulates the mind bringing clarity of thought and sharpening the memory. It is known to stimulate the left side of the brain supporting logical, analytical thinking. Excellent for activating optimism and creativity. It
supercharges the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of manifesting, engaging Jupiter, the lucky planet enhancing health, wealth and success. When we activate our Solar Plexus, we are connecting with our core identity, who we are and what our soul mission is. It gives us the confidence, drive and determination to achieve our soul path. A happy, empowering frequency that activates determination and drive to achieve. If you want to make your mark in this world this stone will assist you through logic, confidence and motivation.

Green Chrysoberyl

This stone unites you with the energy of Kuan Yin, Green Tara and Archangel Raphael and centers you in the energy of loving-kindness. It is the purest emanation of the Green Ray and activates, opens and cleanses the heart and higher heart. Activates growth, renewal, healing, compassion and shielding.  Channelling the highest healing vibrations, removing fear and anxiety. It activates the fresh energy of revitalization and renewal. This stone is a high vibration, and thins the veil between realms and enhances communication with the other side. It is a stone of confidence and empowerment.


Trillion 2 stone YAG Neon Yellow Garnet set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
Open Lotus bale
2nd Stone is Green Chrysoberyl
Pendant Measures:38mm L x 15mm W: Stone measures: 15mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold (not included)

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