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Storm Element
  • Unites you with your sacred self

Kunzite is part of the Spodumene family, composed of Lithium Aluminum Silicate. Kunzite is the stone of Universal Love that cleanses and purifies the emotional body and connects with a constant stream of love from the Divine. It ranges in colour from pale pink to light violet. It’s a stone that resonates pure happiness and love. A powerful cleanser and healer of the heart. Excellent for recovery from the pain of self judgement, old relationships or family trauma. It enhances self-love, kindness and grace. Lithium is a powerhouse for cleansing the auric field, calming stress, anxiety, despair and releasing fear. Kunzite will fade if placed in direct sunlight so protect your stone when your not wearing it by storing in the plastic clip-lock bag then placing it in the black velvet pouch. It has a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs scale so protect it from rubbing against zippers and store it separately from the chain. It is best suited for Pendants and Earrings.PhenacitePhenacite is considered one of the most powerful minerals used in crystal healing. A stone of synchronicity, when you engage Phenacite you are activating your divine path. It supercharges the etheric chakras beginning with the crown and soul star right up to the highest etheric chakras. It activates the spiritual path and leads you to your divine blueprint. A stone that nurtures connection with spirit and the divine, communication with Guides and Angels is enhanced with this powerful tool. It is known for its remarkable healing properties. It activates, cleanses and aligns all the chakras, increases the vibration and assists with cell rejuvenation. Known to nurture and heal the nerves. This stone is a vibrational powerhouse and a must for anyone wanting to supercharge their sacred journey.


Connect with your sacred blueprint and activate your highest destiny . Petalite contains Lithium, a master for removing deep trauma imprints and instilling a feeling of calm and contentment. They connect you to the highest dimensions, expanding awareness and activating peace and euphoria. This is the perfect stone for healers and psychics, it opens the gateways to enhance your sacred work. Unusual for such a high vibration stone, it assists in staying grounded while accessing the highest realms. Excellent tool for children experiencing bulling's by instilling a sense of protection. Useful for Star Children, releasing the frequency and thereby assisting in resolving anxiety and panic attacks.


Rectangle Raw Kunzite 2 stone set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
2nd Stone is Petalite
Lotus Bale
Pendant measures: 32mm L x 11mm W --Main stone is 15 x 11 mm
Shown on Italian Braid Italian Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

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