Besednice Moldavite
Besednice Moldavite

Besednice Moldavite

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Storm Element
  • Initiates spiritual awakening and transformation

Lacy and delicate, this is the highest quality and frequency form of Moldavite. It was found in an area the size of a football field in Besednice, Moldovia and was mined out over 10 years ago. When the Meteor fell it bounced off the ground fusing with the unique sand composition to create this delicate form of Moldavite. It fell deep into clay beds which preserved the formations. Often preferred by the Star Children for the higher frequency, many pieces look like images of Angels. It’s sometimes called “Hedgehog” for its beautiful spiky texture. It is very different than regular Moldavite from other areas in the Czech Republic.It is rare, especially in larger pieces. The prices of Besednice Moldavite, as with all Moldavite, is increasing due to demand. Moldavite is a direct connection to our galactic origins.


Excellent for developing psychic gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. This stone enhances access to spirit guides. Channels the spiritual and healing energy of the highest dimensions. Opens the throat and third eye chakra assists in expressing ones thoughts and desires. Supportive and nurturing to the emotional body,  assists in understanding the spirits journey.


Besednice Moldavite 2 stone set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
2nd stone is Indicolite
Metatron bale
Pendant in setting measures: 32mm L x 15mm W; Moldavite measures:19mm x 15mm
Shown on Italian Braid chain in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold (not included)

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