White Sapphire

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White Sapphire

Associated with Archangel Metatron, White Sapphires resonate the White Ray of Spiritually supreme Ray that contains and reflects all colours. White Sapphires activate and clear the mind, enhancing clarity and objectivity. They resonate to the third eye and crown chakra. A stone of spiritual awakening, it is useful for Light workers, enhancing the ability to download and ground high levels of sacred light. It is recommended to remove the stone if one slips into a negative state to avoid amplifying negativity. Can be used to amplify the vibration of other stones. Highly programmable and can be used in manifesting work.


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Large Pear Corundum White Sapphire set in Sterling Silver plated in Rose Gold

Goddess bale collection

Pendant in setting measures: 52mm L x 18mm W; Stone is 35 x 18mm

Shown on Twisted Diamond cut 40mm Italian Sterling Silver chain plated in Rose Gold  (not included)