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Vitality Mystic Quartz

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This stone combines the Pure Green Ray of vitality and healing, the Golden Ray of Godhead energy and abundance, and the Violet Ray of spirituality and protection. This stone is excellent for enhancing vitality, health, joy, and physical strength. The green ray activates and strengthens the heart. Use to revitalize physical energy. It carries a frequency of self-confidence, playfulness, and growth.


A stone of growth, Peridot attracts abundance on all levels, health, wealth, and joy. It resonates to the heart and solar plexus chakras. Peridot has a grounding frequency that is also energizing. A positive vibration of hope and vision it unites the heart with the will to create success. Excellent for starting new cycles. This stone is useful for starting new projects in business, home, and family.


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Medium Pear 2 stone Vitality Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is  earth-grown Peridot

Lotus bale

Pendant measures:63mm L x 15mm W; Stone measures: 35mm x 15mm

Shown on Diamond cut Twisted 4omm Sterling Silver plated chain in White Rhodium (not included)