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Vision: Nobel shungite-rock crystal

Containing the highest amounts of Carbon, Nobel Shungite is rare and highly prized.  It is excellent for assisting the body in purification and is heralded as a “Wonder Stone”.  The energy is said to have strong healing powers assisting the body in neutralizing any damaging elements.  When we add the Rock Crystal to the Shungite, the energy is increased.  Rock crystal amplifies the vibration and increases the ability of the water to hold the new crystal formation. Rock Crystal known for healing, works on all levels of the physical and energetic bodies.  It resonates with all the chakras.  Its structure and resonance acts to amplify the frequency of all stones making it the perfect partner for the VitaJuwel Collection.  Some of our clients have reported cleansing reactions to this VitaJuwel water.  If you notice any cleansing reaction with the Nobel Shungite alternate it with another VitaJuwel water to balance the effects.  This is a great sign as it shows you it’s working. This reaction only lasts a few days and will be reduced when you alternate it with other VitaJuwel water.

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The VitaJuwels are sealed in a vial.  This makes it safe to use the gemstones to infuse the water with vibration.  It has been proven that gemstones put directly in water can emit toxic hazardous substances. Those contaminants are consumed along with the water.

The best water to restructure is Spring Water or Purified Water.

The Gem Pods are NOT Dishwasher safe!  Wash them by hand with a mild cleanser.  DO NOT use abrasive cleansers.  To remove hard water deposits soak with water and 2 tbsp of vinegar and soak overnight.

 Please DO NOT place in boiling water.  DO NOT FREEZE. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

VitaJuwel ViA is made of lead-free glass and holds 500ml (16.9 fl oz)

Bottle measures: 9″ L x 2.5″ W

Tested by Naturopaths

Endorsed by Dr. Emoto

Made in Austria