Transformation Crystal Grid

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The Transformation grid is all about moving upward and forward on your path. Raising your consciousness and frequency. This grid will propel you to do things, like a cosmic boot in the butt. Radiates the energy to amplify frequencies and move one into transformation.


Activates profound shifts in consciousness. Initiates spiritual awakening and transformation, accelerating one’s path of personal evolution. An intense frequency that can activate and cleanse the chakras. It is a stone of spiritual protection.

Herkimer Diamond

A very high vibration Quartz that can activate the etheric chakras and auric field. Herkimer are a dimensional gateway stone, they assist in accessing higher dimensions including astral travel and time travel. They can be used to communicate with the Angelic realm. These master healing stones remove energetic blockages and feed the auric field.

Clear Quartz

Acts as an amplifier, amplifying the vibration of other crystals. Enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focussing and transmitting it. Can be used for manifesting, healing, protecting and channeling. Clear quartz dispels negative energy and brings in a more positive energy. Aids in spiritual growth and wisdom.

Grid Plates

Each colour corresponds to a Chakra;  Please indicate in order notes what colour of Grid Plate you would like.

Purple-Crown/Third Eye (Out of Stock)

Red- Root

Blue-Throat (Out of Stock)

Yellow-Solar Plexus (Out of Stock)

Orange- Sacral (Out of Stock)

Out of stock

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This Crystal Grid Kit includes:

3 Moldavite pieces ($19.95 each)

3 Herkimer pieces ($8.95 each)

3 Double Quartz pieces ($5.95 each)

1 Generator ($7.50 each)

Product selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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Grid Plates

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