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Sunstar Mystic Quartz

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Sunstar Mystic Quartz

This stone combines the Violet Ray of spirituality and protection, the Pink Ray that attracts love and and opens the heart. The Golden Ray of Godhead energy and
abundance. The Orange Ray that activates joy and heals the emotional body. It heals, recharges and motivates by dissolving negative emotions, removing fear and doubt. Acts as an emotional battery that infuses joy, optimism and vitality. Assists in opening to Divine inspiration and create confidence to fulfill your dreams. Dissolves negativity and heals stressful relationships.

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Small pear Sunstar Mystic Quartz set in sterling silver plated in yellow gold.

Bamboo collection

2nd stone is Shasta Pink Sapphire

Pendant Measures: 12mm W x 52mm L

Shown on Diamond cut 40 Italian Sterling Silver plated in yellow gold (not included)