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Destiny Mystic Quartz with Pink Tourmaline

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Destiny Mystic Quartz

Emanating the intense Violet Ray, the Turquoise Ray and the Pink Ray. This stone connects us with our spiritual path. The Violet Ray is excellent for breaking through old patterns and addictions. It creates an energetic shield and transmutes negativity. The Turquoise Ray soothes and nurtures the emotional body creating a knowing that all will be well. The Pink Ray opens and heals the heart. It fills the soul with abundant love and joy. This stone is an excellent tool for the spiritual seeker. Connecting with Guides and Angels, developing clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are all activated when using these beautiful pieces.

Pink Tourmaline

Opens and activates the heart chakra. Enhances love, spirituality, joy, and understanding. Heals the emotions, enhancing forgiveness. Removes fear and doubt, assists in developing self confidence. A stone of positive transformation, used for recovery instilling hope, inspiration and joy.


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Medium Pear Destiny Mystic Quartz shape set in Sterling Silver plated in Rose Gold.

2nd stone is earth-grown Pink Tourmaline

Goddess bale collection

Pendant Measures 70mm L x 15mm W

Shown on Twisted Diamond cut 40mm Sterling Silver chain plated in rose gold (not included)