Shasta Pink Sapphire

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Shasta Pink Sapphire

The first time I went to Mount Shasta I was excited to experience the spiritual activation. I wore my Pink Sapphire Pendant, it was a medium soft pink. When I came off the mountain the color had changed to a vibrant fuschia pink. We were all amazed. Combining the Pink Ray of love and the Violet Flame of St. Germain. A stone of unconditional love, transmuting negativity into positive energy. Highly protective and centering, it opens the heart and teaches us to love ourselves and others. Cleanses the emotional body overcoming depression and resentment. Enhances self-esteem, self- confidence, and happiness.  Assists us in our ascension process of moving from a human being into a human becoming divine.

Pink Spinel

The Pink Ray of the Pink Spinel connects to the divine feminine. The soft loving energy that nurtures the emotions and heart, it wraps you in love and compassion. It has a very sweet frequency that opens the heart and activates loving kindness. A spinel is a wonderful tool that assists in moving forward to success and happiness. The vibration moves through the body like a scanner removing energetic blockages and activating the flow of energy, revitalizing the physical body. Spinel promotes physical vitality, easing stress and anxiety..

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Large 2 stone pear Shasta Pink Sapphire set in Sterling Silver plated in Black Rhodium

Goddess Bale

2nd stone Pink Spinel (earth-grown)

Pendant Measures: 60mm L x 17 mm W; Stone measures: 35 x 15mm

Shown on Twisted Diamond cut 40mm Italian Sterling Silver plated in Black Rhodium (not included)

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