Shakti Mystic Quartz

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Combining the Ruby Ray of Archangel Uriel and the Violet Ray of Saint Germain. This powerful stone is a vehicle for mastery of divine love, peace and brotherhood. It intensely opens the heart and replaces anger with love. The Ruby Ray assists in freeing you from the pain of your past, enhancing tranquility, grace and spiritual healing. The Violet Ray completes this transition by transmuting negativity and connecting us with our spiritual center uniting our divine self with our physical self.

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Medium rectangle Shakti Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in Black Rhodium

Metatron bale

Pendant measurement: 40mmx12m; Stone measures: 26mm L x 12mm W

Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver plated in Black Rhodium (not included)


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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in