Sage Mystic Quartz

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Sage Mystic Quartz

Mystical energy of the Sage is activated with this stone. Awakening the ability to slow things down so that one can hear others and understand their perspective. This stone is an excellent tool for those who are feeling despondent or unheard. It assists in opening the heart and creating a sense of self- worth and self- love. It assists in increasing love, compassion, openness, renewal, and growth. Excellent stone for developing peace and harmony. Calms and centers overzealous emotions.

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Sage Mystic Quartz Round Dome French Hook set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

Stone Measures: 9mm; earrings measure approx 20mm L x 9mm W

Earrings are not exchangeable or returnable due to Hygienic considerations.


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