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Medium superman Blue Nano Quartz

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Blue Nano Quartz

Nano Blue Quartz emanates the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael. I call this stone “Grace under pressure” for the calming, centering benefits. It activates a bubbly feeling
of joy. Cleansing and opening to the third eye and throat chakra. One of the stones for the Star Children. Assists in feeling more at home on earth. Curbs negative repetitive
thoughts, assists in focusing on task. Activates the mind. Excellent for developing the psychic senses, activates clairvoyance, clairaudience and all form of communication
beyond the veil. Programmable like earth-grown Quartz.

Blue Green Spinel

Excellent for developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Re-energizes all levels of the self, initiates euphoria, guiding one onto their sacred path. Inspires one to accept the challenges of the soul’s longing, focusing on the desired goal until it is won. Opens and activates all the chakras and meridians replenishing depleted energy. Provides support for recovery from illness, releasing stress, fatigue and negative emotion. Assists in rebuilding self- confidence and self-esteem. Used to release negativity in the energetic body. Encourages one to “Let go and let God.“ Support for type A personalities assisting in relaxation and taking time to smell the roses.

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Medium superman Blue Nano Quartz set in sterling silver plated in white gold

Eye of Horus collection

2nd stone is Blue Green Spinel 

Pendant Measures: 20 mm w x 63mm L

Shown on Diamond cut  50 Italian Sterling Silver plated in Rhodium (not included)