Pink Stillbite Flower

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Pink Stillbite

Stillbite is part of the Zeolite family and comes in many colours including peach and white. It resonates to the crown, third eye, and heart chakras. It resonates a soft loving, joyful frequency. Excellent for insomnia, it calms the mind, assisting in deep relaxation. Placed next to the bed it aids in enhancing deep sleep and lucid dreaming. Calming and opening to joy, peace and serenity. It has a tonic effect on the physical body, cleansing the mind and etheric body. It has some grounding benefits that support those who feel overwhelmed by tasks. Assists in taking charge and creating order. Dissolves fear and engages happiness and feeling in control. It is often found with Apophyllite, in this combination it has a softening effect. Expands consciousness. Supportive stone for those moving through the loss of a loved one.

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Pink Stillbite Flower

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Approx. measurements; Length 5″ x Height 3″ x Width 4″



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