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Discovered in Namibia, Africa. Known as the Tempest Stone, it is a powerful cleansing stone that dispels illusion and assists in recognizing the beauty of the soul. Dissolves negativity and emotional debris restoring calm. Increases physical vibration. Excellent for initiating dramatic change and breaking through old patterns. Stimulates creativity and visualizing new ways of achieving goals. Deeply activates the chakras especially the third eye. Excellent for communication beyond the veil.

Alexandrite Chrysoberyl

A colour change stone described as Emerald by day and Ruby by night. The colour change is a result of the reflection of different types of light. Daylight produces a bluish-green colour and artificial light produces a violet red colour. Unites the heart and mind in wisdom and joy. This stone is a bridge to the energy of the other side. It assists in grounding euphoria and connecting with our Guides and Angels. Activation of the psychic senses is profound when engaging in Alexandrite. It opens the gateway to our natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Emanating the Violet Ray of purification and transformation, it supercharges our third eye, crown, and etheric chakras and assists us to achieve our highest path in this lifetime. Combined with the Green Ray that opens and activates the heart enhancing compassion, love, vitality, growth, and healing. This stone is a must for anyone who wants to unite their spiritual and physical realities.


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Pietersite 2 stone set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is Alexandrite Chrysoberyl

Dragonfly bale

Pendant measures: 52mm x 13mm; stone measures: 22mm x 13mm

Shown on Italian braid Sterling Silver chain plated with White Rhodium (not included)

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