Paraiba Effect YAG

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The Paraiba Effect YAG activates the frequency of happiness. YAGs supercharge the root chakra. When we combine the Green Ray and the Turquoise Ray we are opening and activating the Heart and throat Chakra. Resonating the frequency of serenity, it is excellent for soothing the emotions clearing stress, anxiety, and anger while enhancing empowerment and feeling grounded and capable. Opens the throat assisting in speaking your truth in a kind loving way and builds confidence. This is one of the stones of the New Age resonating with the vibration of oneness and loving-kindness.

This beautiful stone emanates the frequency of Atlantis and Lemuria. The soft Turquoise Ray acts as a balm to the emotions and soothes anxiety, stress and anger. It brings the emotional body into serenity and happiness. Excellent for anyone who needs the emotional support or wants to clear old energy and patterns. Opens the throat chakra and builds confidence to communicate in a kind, loving way. This stone vibrates to the energy of the divine feminine, soft loving energy that assists in remaining calm and centered.

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Small Round Paraiba Effect Yag set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

Flower of Life bale

Pendant Measures:20mm L x 9mm W: Stone measures: 9mm

Shown on Diamond cut 40 Italian Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium (not included)

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