Nirvana Mystic Quartz

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The powerful Magenta Ray and the Green Ray combine to create a stone of oneness. The Violet Ray of the crown chakra and the Ruby Ray of the root chakra combine and meet in the eighth chakra, the soul star. Symbolizing the unification of the beginning and end, the completion into oneness. The influences that create suffering through thoughts and emotions naturally dissolve into divine love, grace and compassion. This is the gateway of Ascension, revealing your true essence, unlimited love, harmony, joy and liberation. The Green Ray completes this transition. It vibrates to the heart chakra enhancing healing, forgiveness, love and growth. Attunes the heart and promotes vitality, harmony and bliss.

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Diamond shape Nirvana Mystic Mystic  French Hook earrings set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold

Stone measures: 14 x 6 mm; Earrings measure: 15mm x 6mm

*Due to safety and hygiene there are no returns on earrings