Midnight Mystic Quartz

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Midnight Mystic Quartz

Emanates the Platinum Ray. This is the master healing ray that channels the most powerful energy for healing on every level. The Platinum Ray plugs into our soul essence on the other side allowing us to “know”. This stone is a powerful shield from negativity allowing us to move through our life with more grace. It is an excellent ally for creating organization and structure in our lives. A tool for focus, assisting us in staying on the path. Many “Star Children” have difficulty with grounding as it lowers the frequency of creating anxiety. This is the perfect stone to maintain a high frequency in the physical body while remaining grounded and focused.


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Large Long Rectangle Moonlight Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold

Flower of Life  Bale

Pendant measures:45mm L x 11mm W; Stone measures 40mm x 11mm

Shown on Diamond cut Twisted 40mm Sterling Silver chain plated in Yellow Gold (not included)

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in