Marble Quan Yin Statue

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Quan Yin

The Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Quan Yin emanates the energy of the Goddess and Divine Mother. She embodies compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of compassion, she hears the cries of all beings. She will remove your worries, lighten your load and bestow the energy of loving kindness of yourself and others. She will protect you and nurture you through good times and bad and bring the energy of grace into your life. When feeling unsure, upset, or challenged by negative emotion, call on Quan Yin to ease your mind and settle your heart.


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Large Marble Quan Yin Sacred Statue

Measurements Approx. 16.5″ H x 9″ W x 5.6 ” D

Weighs 28.8lbs


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Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 5.6 × 9 × 16.5 in