Lemurian Quartz Cluster

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Lemurian Quartz Cluster or Lemurian Seed Crystals

This amazing cluster of Pink Lemurian Quartz was harvested from one of the original Lemurian mines that was closed over 7 years ago.  Pink Lemurian’s resonate to Goddess energy, the Divine Mother and all representations of the Divine Feminine.  Lemurian energies envelop your space in soft, feminine, loving energy. The “Bar Coding” found on these amazing beauties, act like a ladder to the divine. Lemurian Seed Crystals are believed to have originated in the land of Mu or Lemuria, a highly developed civilization that existed over 12 million years ago in the South Pacific.  The Lemurians prepared these Seed Crystals to preserve their knowledge.  This information is embedded in complex “Bar Coding” etched on the faces of the Crystal, said to contain libraries of knowledge.  Lemuria was a highly developed culture based on emotional and spiritual consciousness.  Excellent tools for connecting with all aspects of the Goddess and Divine Energies.  They intensively activate the heart chakra and allow us to enter into expanded states of consciousness.  Center your home in the frequency of love and connect with your guides and angels with this beautiful being of light. The Lemurians planted the seed crystals to transmit the message of Oneness.  

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This Lemurian Quartz Cluster

It’s beauty, size and uniqueness is truly a collector’s dream.

Weighs: 28.3kg.

Measures: 17.5″h x14.5″w x13″d.