High Priestess Mystic Quartz

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High Priestess Mystic Quartz

Combining the Pink Ray of love and Golden Ray of success, this stone resonates an empowering frequency that opens the heart and fills the soul with optimism, focus and drive. When we combine these two rays it unites the heart and solar plexus chakras unifying the heart’s desire with the drive to create. A stone of feminine power. It has a wonderful frequency that enhances your ability to open your heart and believe in yourself. It is motivating and creates an optimistic, joyful drive towards your soul path.

Padparadsha Sapphire

Padparadsha Sapphires are called the Lotus Flower stone. They are the rarest, most highly prized of the Sapphires. Known to activate wisdom. Padparadsha Sapphires resonate to the Hindu God Ganeshe, the remover of obstacles. Assists in overcoming challenging obstacles. Activates and purifies the first, second, third and fourth chakras, aligning the heart with the will. They stoke kundalini energy increasing vitality, assisting us to feel vibrant and powerful. Associated with Mars, the planet of action, assists in turning dreams into reality. Helps one feel more at home on earth. Activates self-expression, dynamic energy and joy. If you want to activate your mojo this is the stone for you.

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Medium 2 stone Fan High Priestess Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is Padparadsha Sapphire

Goddess Bale

Pendant measures: 50mmL x 12mmW; Stone measures 22mm x 12mm

Shown on Italian Braid 40mm sterling silver plated in White Rhodium (not included)


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