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Olive Green Nano Quartz

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Nano Olive Green Quartz

Emanates the powerful green ray of healing. Frequency centers in the heart chakra strengthening the entire body. This stone is excellent for activating yang energy. Expands the auric field by about 9 feet. This stone energetically centers at the heart chakra and is excellent for strengthening the heart and thus the whole physical body. Assists one in becoming more expressive. Clears fear, anxiety and stress. Activates the root chakra, useful for those spiritual beings who tend to disconnect from the physical world. Enhances finances and career. Nano Olive Green Quartz is a very powerful vibration of joy. Assists in feeling good in the physical body. Excellent support for any type of physical and emotional recovery.

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Galactic collection

Small round Olive Green Nano Quartz set in sterling silver plated in white gold

Pendant measures: 16mm W x 30mm L

Shown on Diamond cut 40 Italian Sterling Silver plated in Rhodium (not included)